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Title: 針對泰國高中一年級華語閱讀課程之行動研究
An Action Research of Chinese Reading Course for Thai 10th Grade Students
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shin-Chang
Peng, Hsing-Yun
Keywords: 泰籍學生
Thai Student
Beginner Chinese
Instruction in Reading
Reading Strategies
Action Research
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 自1992年起,泰國政府開放了全國各級學校的華語課程,現今學習華語的學生人數超過25萬人,華語在泰國已成為繼泰語、英語之後的第三大語言。但由於泰語本身是拼音系統所組成的文字,大多數的泰籍學生對於漢字接受度非常低,所以華語閱讀已是泰籍學生公認的學習難點。 本研究以泰國公立高中——暖武里女子中學(Satrinonthaburi School)的12位高中一年級的泰籍華語初學者為研究對象,進行的行動研究。行動研究中課程設計主要訓練學生華語閱讀的技能,從小範圍的漢字與生詞,到中範圍的句子,最後再到大範圍的篇章與閱讀策略。經過一個學期(2012年11月至2013年3月)的研究歷程,研究對象的閱讀能力有明顯的成效。 結果發現:漢字熟識程度影響學生的閱讀能力,教授漢字的比重順序應為:筆順、部首部件和漢字結構;漢泰語法結構相似,但書寫方式不同,因此在生詞斷句和句子斷句的練習時,泰籍學生較能清楚地掌握句子斷句,而生詞斷句偏弱;在閱讀句子時會依賴生詞,而在短文、篇章時則會以句子、或找尋關鍵字的策略來閱讀,且「語境」成為最大困難點;閱讀課程安排要以學生學習過的相關文章進行成效較好,此外課程安排不單只是要教授策略,且需透過鼓勵幫助消除學生的閱讀時的緊張感。
Since 1992, the Thai government has opened up all the levels of Mandarin Chinese courses in national public schools. Now there are over 250,000 students who are learning Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese has become the third major languages after Thai and English. Most of the Thai students have difficulty studying and reading Chinese characters because they are used to the spelling system in Thai language. This study is focused on the action research for the beginner Chinese learner and the subjects of this study are the 12 students in 10th grade who study beginner Chinese level in Satrinonthaburi School- a Thai Public High School. The main concept for this course design is to improve the subject’s reading skills: from Chinese characters to Chinese vocabularies, from Chinese sentences to paragraphs and reading strategies. After a semester - from November 2012 to March 2013 - the subjects of the study had great improvement in the reading skill. The results indicated that subject's reading skills were affected by their understanding of Chinese characters. The teaching method of Chinese characters should start with Chinese stroke order, radicals of Chinese character then structure of Chinese character. The grammar in Thai and Chinese are similar however the way of writings are diverse. Therefore, when practicing the punctuation in words or sentences, Thai students do better in the sentences than words. When reading a sentence, they will look for the familiar vocabulary and when reading a paragraph or a chapter, their reading strategy is to look for the key words or familiar sentences. This strategy leads to a challenge in understanding the content of the chapter for the subjects of the study. The outcome of the reading course is better when the subjects are familiar with the knowledge contained in the articles. The course design needs to focus on the reading skills but also minimize obstacles when reading.
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