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Title: 手寫漢字對漢字學習與教學之探討
A Study on Chinese Character Writing in Chinese Learning and Teaching
Authors: 鄧守信
Teng, Shou-Hsin
Chong, Hong Noi
Keywords: 手寫漢字
Chinese characters writing by hand
Chinese characters learning
Chinese characters teaching pedagogy
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本論文主要從漢字本體、漢字教學、漢字習得及手寫工具與環境等方面探討漢字為二語學習中學習者以紙筆手寫記憶漢字的學習方法,面臨什麼樣的挑戰以及對學習及教學的影響。 首先我們以漢字本體難學的各個因素作切入分析學習者面向的文字系統,探討這些漢字的本體帶給學習什麼樣的阻礙,接著探討漢字各類識字的教學方法以及習得過程及方式、手寫與記憶的關係,以及探究手寫工具與環境的演變,對漢字寫字有那些方面的影響。 同時我們將透過問卷調查學習者對紙筆手寫及電子裝置漢字學習的方式的意見來了解學習者對漢字學習的認知,以及他們對電子裝置學習漢字的意見。 最後我們綜合文獻及學習者意見提出結論以及教學的方向,希望後續研究可以此為憑藉,發展透過電子裝置學習漢字以手寫的教學及教材內容,提高學習漢字的效率。
This study examines the Chinese character hand writing method as the main learning strategy of the second language learners. The study focuses on the Chinese characters, different teaching pedagogy and learning tools, and the challenges of the character learning and teaching. First, we study the different aspects of the Chinese characters as one of the most difficult writing systems in the world, the different teaching pedagogies and learning process, the relationship of handwriting and memorizing the characters, and the usage and penetration of owenership of electronic devices. Then, we conducted a survey on the attitude and opinions of learners towards learning by hand writing methodology and electronic devices. The findings reveal that copying by hand is still the strategy employed by most of the learners and it is considered an effective method to learn Chinese characters. Learners are positive that the electronic devices will be the tool for learning Chinese characters in the future. This study serves as an indicator for future design of teaching materials in Chinese character learning.
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