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Title: 我在社會工作教育裡擺盪、現身與尋根
A Narrative Story on My Journal of Social Work Education
Authors: 羅秀華
Rosa Shiow-Hwa
Keywords: 社會工作教育
Social work education
Narrative research
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 「擠壓」、「擺渡」是我進入研究所這幾年所辨識出的生存姿態,在意識啟蒙之初所感受到排山倒海而來地壓抑,使我發現在社會工作教育的場域內要說出自己的話、對社會工作助人的理念,是一件極困難的事情。 我鬼鬼祟祟地在腦海裡進行一場戰鬥,為的是要抵抗社會工作教育所建立在我身上的建構,我曾所相信助人是好的、證照是優越的、以及專家姿態伴隨權力運作帶來社工的優秀,在研究所期間進行一場自己對付自己的行辯之旅。然而面對自我之社會工作教育解構又重新建構,是一個漫長的過程,經歷「切割」、「洗」,至嚮往 「重生」,原以為答案在遠方,卻在進入生命經驗皺褶敘說時,才瞥見原來生命自己會說話,面對強烈的專業建制破壞人性關懷與互助之本然存在,更看見了社會工作教育是一場暴力與泡毒,使我失去語言與我全人之存在。 在失語許久後,重新練習發聲,散亂地書寫是對於專業格式規訓的抵抗。故事約以三個主軸鋪陳:我的成長故事、助人教育養成的故事,以及真心的我穿梭於狹縫之間,藉心之眼看見助人訓練之脅迫,同時也望見內在慾望的深淵,吞吐出一個多元軸線交雜的我。 面對專業建制的同時,是凝望自己心裡的幽靈,不求超脫、只求每一次看懂一些,從困惑中重新找尋力量。也在飄蕩之時,遇見尋路友伴,重返助人之心是立於個人,發生於人我之間,試圖不再制度裡找答案,而在我和我們的世界裡重新形塑著世界,從制度裡從新解放自己。
Topic of Thesis: A Narrative Story on My Journal of Social Work Education This research demonstrates the experience of social work education of. There was from my personal experience to common experiences with few people who also have been through social work education and feel that social work education gradually decreases the quality of the origin values of social work. Only few people does focus on this changing tendency and hope that we who learn social work or are social workers can bring the power back to the students/social workers/community themselves in order to strengthen the basis of profession, but not be controlled by the government anymore. I, as a researcher and a story teller, observe that the social work in Taiwan has institutionized badly that oppresses social workers and students to be a working tool but treated as a human . Therefore, I desire to encounter more conversation with the written piece and appeal to more diversity in the field of social work in Taiwan. To co-narrate the social work in Taiwan is important. More radical pieces and divers voices is spoken in recent years so that social work since it began is having increasing reflection upon itself now.
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