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Title: 兒少保社工緊急安置歷程之處遇經驗
Authors: 彭淑華
Su-Hwa, Pong
Chia-Yu, Hsu
Keywords: 兒少保護社工員
child protection social worker
emergency placement
placement decision-making
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究針對兒少保護工作中的緊急安置歷程之處遇經驗進行探究,瞭解第一線的兒少保護社工員如何看待緊急安置措施、在安置評估歷程的經驗與困境,以及在執行安置歷程中,與網絡體系及家庭系統間的處遇經驗和困境,最後再針對安置歷程進行反思、回饋與建議。本研究以臺灣各縣市政府之兒少保護社工員為研究對象,採用質性研究方法中的深度訪談法進行,共訪談十位社工員。 研究發現,社工員於緊急安置決策歷程中的抉擇困境,來自於社工員個人層面、案件本身危機界線模糊以及外在因素層面導致,其中決策歷程應在專業評估與組織理念間取得平衡;而社工員面臨家庭維繫與後送資源網絡的缺乏,導致緊急安置措施在「不得不」的狀況下介入;至於在執行緊急安置歷程中,相關網絡體系間合作的質與量方面都應受政府重視;此外,緊急安置處遇經驗對社工員在處遇服務提供、處遇能力與技巧以及社工員自我照顧等議題都有所轉變與影響,惟單位內缺乏周全的訓練機制與標準化流程,且對於安置經驗較資深的社工員,亦缺乏促使其久任於職務的配套措施,導致人力耗損與流失,實屬遺憾。 本文文末,針對中央政策與制度層面以及實務工作層面提出討論與建議,期待藉由統整社工員在緊急安置歷程中的處遇經驗與困境,以提供新手兒少保護社工員實務工作之參考,並提升第一線實務工作者的工作品質與網絡合作經驗,促使緊急安置措施更能發揮其效用。
This research focuses on the processes of child protection intervention in emergency placement, to understand the first line social workers how to deal with such works, including the experience and difficulties in implementing placement, and during doing these processes, how to well handling of network and the family system, and at the last to review the placement processes to provide some feedback and suggestions. In this research, child protection social workers whowork in local city offices in Taiwan have been chosen as the subjects for the study, adopting in-depth interview technique of the qualitative research methods, total ten social workers have been interviewed by the writer. The research points out the plights, when social workers make decisions on the specific placement case, comes from the inadequate experience of the social workers, the unexpected potential risk of the case and other external factors. The decision making processes should depends upon the balance between expertise assessment and organization idea. Due to lack of the family preservation resources with the child family and following update supporting network resources, the social workers forced to adopt an emergency placement that may not be good enough. The next, the government shall revisit the related cooperative networks in quantitative and qualitative aspects. In addition, the experiences mentioned in this research provide social workers with the ability to treat the child well, to do the placement skillfully and know how to protect worker from attack. But to a pity, there is no thoughtful training mechanism and well design SOP to let social workers to follow, and to those who has long experience workers there are no incentive measures to attract them to stay, it has resulted the manpower consumes with drains. At the last part, the research discusses the social work policy, the organization and the practical work and some suggestions, to anticipate this integration of the experiences and lesson learnt in this article can let the fresh hand social workers and front liners how to do the jobs well and how to cooperate well and to reach the aim of our social works in Taiwan。
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