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Title: 家庭支持和朋友支持之改變對青少年憂鬱與偏差行為之影響
Changes in Family and Friend Support:Effects on Adolescent’s Depression and Delinquency
Authors: 潘恩伶
Keywords: 家庭支持
family support
friend support
Taiwan Youth Project
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 社會支持為協助青少年發展的重要資產,缺乏社會支持可能導致內在憂鬱或外在偏差行為,家庭和朋友支持為青少年時期兩大重要社會支持,對青少年有重要影響。本研究在瞭解青少年時期家庭和朋友支持改變的狀況,以及在不同階段(國中與高中),家庭和朋友支持、支持變化與和支持變化類型對青少年內在憂鬱與外在偏差行為的影響。以「臺灣青少年成長歷程研究」(簡稱TYP)之長期追蹤資料,2000年時就讀國中一年級學生的第一波(2000)、第三波(2002)和第六波(2005)資料,刪除遺漏值後共1628個樣本進行分析。研究結果發現:(一)青少年時期知覺到的家庭支持是隨著年紀的增加而減少,朋友支持則隨著年紀的增加呈現增加情形;(二)無論是在國中階段或高中階段,家庭支持對於青少年內在憂鬱與外在偏差行為都有影響;(三)在國中階段,家庭支持變化對於青少年內在憂鬱與外在偏差行為都有影響,高中階段,家庭支持變化僅對青少年內在憂鬱有影響;(四)無論是在國中或高中階段,朋友支持與朋友支持變化對青年的內在憂鬱與外在偏差行為都沒有影響;(五)不同支持變化類型的青少年在內在憂鬱及外在偏差行為上有所不同。雖然青少年知覺到家庭支持隨著年紀越大而減少,朋友支持則隨著年紀越大而增加,但無論是在國中階段或高中階段,知覺到家庭支持與支持的改變對青少年內在憂鬱與外在偏差行為有其相當之重要性,其無法以朋友支持來替代或彌補,家庭支持影響的重要性仍不可忽視。建議家人應多關心並提供青少年支持,實務工作者可以協助家人提供青少年支持、評估青少年支持變化和善用家庭支持協助青少年達到處遇目標。
Social support is an important asset in the development of adolescents. The lack of social support may lead to depression or delinquency. Family support and friend support are two important sources of social support for adolescents.Howerver, little is known that the impacts of changes in family and friend support on adolescent’s outcomes. The data was drawn from Taiwan Youth Project (TYP), which was a longitudinally panel study in the northern areas of Taiwan (n=1628).The purposes of this study are to examine the changes of family support and friend support among adolescents, and to investigate the effects of the patterns and changes on social support on adolescent’s depression and delinquency in different developmental stages, junior high school and senior high school. In general, the finding of this study is consistent with previous research findings. When adolescents get older, perception of family support is declined, but friend support is increased. Howerver the effects of family support on adolescent's depression and delinquency in junior high school and in senior high school were more importment than friend support. It is noted that the changes in family support are significant related to adolescents’ depression and delinquency in the stage of junior high school. Another important finding is that friend support is not significant related to adolescents’ depression and delinquency. Finally, different types of change patterm had different levels of depression and delinquency. Changes in family support had great effects on adolescents’ depression and delinquency. The findings of this study suggest that practitioners help parents to provide efficient support for their children, evaluate the changes in family and friend support, and help adolescents to achieve the goals of intervention by using of family support.
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