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Title: 國際遷移的另一種視野:東南亞籍男性婚姻移民來台灣之生活適應
Authors: 潘淑滿
Keywords: 跨國婚姻移民
international marriage
life adaptation
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 研究者從多方的學術研究與大眾媒體報導中發現,對於來台東南亞籍男性婚姻移民生活,目前的論述多半只是一個模糊的概說,且多持著負面的角度。為此,本研究之目的為希望了解東南亞籍男性婚姻移民來台灣之後的生活經驗與歷程,包括其選擇遷移的緣故、家庭互動關係、人際網絡關係等。 由於男性新移民在台人數較少,且對於他們的分布型態、模式尚未有完整的論述,本研究以採取質性研究進行研究。就深度訪談法(in-depth interviewing)訪談八位住於台北縣市與桃園縣的東南亞(包括菲律賓籍、泰國籍、印尼籍以及馬來西亞籍等)男性婚姻移民,就他們的敘述中了解每個事件對其之意義為何。 從研究過程中,研究者開始對他們在臺灣生活的樣貌有了初步的了解。本研究發現東南亞籍男性婚姻移民在台灣之生活經驗實際上是一連續適應歷程,而台灣社會民眾對於東南亞籍移民者的態度與對待方式也會影響到移民者的適應。此外,這其中東南亞籍男性婚姻移民面對移民社會的結構限制,也會發展出自己一套多元文化的因應方式。 綜上所述,研究者建議社會工作實務與教育可就以下努力;包括針對男性婚姻移民辦理適當的職業訓練與賦權教育,而實務工作者也應就移民多樣性設計發展相關服務。最後,研究者也建議未來相關研究可行方向。
From amounts of academic researches and mass media, the researcher only found a rough description and concept about these foreigners, and the outlook is negative and maybe unfair to them. The research aims at understanding male marriage immigrants ' experiences in Taiwan. Because these immigrants are small in number, this research approaches each case with in-depth interviewing. After interviewing eight southeastern-Asian male marriage immigrants(including the Filipino, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian nationality, etc.), the research then discuss each experience and its meaning to the immigrant. During the period of time of the research, the researcher had further understanding for foreign men’s life. The southeastern-Asian marriage immigrants' life in Taiwan is a process of continuous adaptation, which influenced by Taiwanese society's attitude and treatment toward them. When southeast-Asian male marriage immigrants face the restrictions of the immigration social structure also developed their own set of cultural diversity in the light of the way. The researchers suggested that we can develop the right vocational training and empowering education for male immigrants. In addition, the practice on migrant workers should also develop the diversity of design services. In addition, the researchers also suggested possible future research directions.
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