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Title: 跨文化社會工作者的服務經驗與反思
The Practice and Reflection of Cross-cultural Social Workers
Authors: 潘淑滿
Pan Shu-Man
Chen Yi-Chieh
Keywords: 多元文化
cross-cultural social work practice
cultural competence
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 1990年代以來陸續有東南亞籍新移民移入台灣,自此與新移民相關的議題成為主流的討論焦點。面對東南亞籍新移民移入台灣社會,我國的社會工作領域至今仍在摸索各種不同的工作方法與模式,對於實際提供服務的第一線跨文化社會工作者來說,最為迫切需要的是在實務工作當中如何提供不同文化服務對象更優質的服務,但是更好、更具社會正義的實務不能只是一種口號。 本研究以新移民婦女服務中心為研究場域,藉由與跨文化社會工作者的深度訪談及參與觀察,探討工作者在服務過程中如何看待自己及新移民帶來的多元文化現象,及其在實務中經驗到的差異、衝擊、反思與行動。研究發現工作者在實務中經歷個人、主流文化、專業倫理與價值及多元文化的多方拉扯,工作者接觸到不同文化服務對象並呈現出一個動態的跨文化學習歷程。在工作關係中,除了要繼續發展文化勝任能力之外,還要加強有關跨文化實務中的權力議題。本文末從社會工作教育、社會工作價值與倫理、跨文化社會工作實務及機構等面向提出建議。 這些跨文化社會工作者在服務過程中經歷的種種衝擊、反思或是更具體的行動則像是種子一般播種在台灣本土的跨文化實務的土壤,也期待藉由這幾位工作者的經驗能夠讓本土的跨文化社會工作實務更加茁壯。
The field of social work is yet fumbling for adequate approaches and methods to deliver services to Southeast Asian immigrants as they migrate to Taiwan. This research focuses on the service center for new immigrant women, by means of in-depth interviews and participatory observation, to explore these social workers’ perspectives on the multicultural experiences they and new immigrants had, along with the differences, impact, reflection and action that took place in their practices. Findings indicate that social workers struggle among forces from personal perspectives, mainstream culture, professional ethics and values, and the multicultural issues. In addition, they have also presented a dynamic, cross-cultural learning process at work. Aside from continuous development of cultural competence at work, issues of power relationship in practical, cross-cultural social work need to be further emphasized. In the end of the research, recommendations will be made from aspects of social work education, social work values and ethics, cross-cultural social work practices, in the hope to strengthen our local cross-cultural social work practices.
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