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Title: 成為社會工作督導歷程的自我敘說
Self-narrative of Being a Social Work Supervisor
Authors: 沈慶盈
Shen, Ching-Ying
Chen, Cheng-Bin
Keywords: 社工督導
supervisor for social worker
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 成為社工督導這條路走來精采豐富,許多事情並非在預期內發生,也因為如此,在這歷程中的體悟,令人感觸特別深刻,也改變了我對自己及專業角色的看法。就我而言,把自己當成研究對象,我應該最有資格詮釋自己的感覺想法,或許無法那麼地精準到位,但至少可以讓我從所處的情境脈絡中,看到我的選擇及行動,以及我為何會有這樣的反應,藉此機會重新認識自己及發生的情境。 因此,我透過探究自己如何學習成為社工督導的歷程,將歷年來在走督導路上的一些重要事件以故事方式陳述,然後將這些事件對我的影響與體悟寫出來我以一個過來人的立場來敘說與分享。 我對督導的理解是一個更大的文化脈絡中特定組織內部的動態、多方互動的關係,期許自己對於在過往的督導行動的反思,能夠反應及對應到我的實務工作上,以更為開闊、更為睿智的觀點來實踐督導。相信也可以提供擔任社工督導或有志於督導工作者另一個面向的參照,引發其工作、經驗與實踐的方式進行反思。或許將自己的故事整理出來,或重新說一個屬於自己的故事不單只是專業成長而已,或許萃取而出的實務智慧對於督導理論的建構能夠有些許的助益。
The processes and experiences of becoming a supervisor for social workers were wonderful and abundant, with many things occurring unexpectedly, which is why the feelings in the process are so profound, and changed the author’s views towards himself and his professional role. As far as the author is concerned, he adopts himself as the subject for this research, as he is most qualified of expressing his own feelings and ideas. Although his expressions may not be completely accurate, the author can at least understand his choices and actions from his personal context, and why he has such responses, in order that he can know himself and situations via this opportunity. As a result, the author stated some important events occurring in the process of becoming a supervisor for social workers in the form of stories, which explored how to learn to become a supervisor for social workers, then the influences and understanding of these events had on the author himself were recorded, and he narrated and shared these events from the perspective of an experienced person. The author’s understanding as a supervisor is that it is an internal dynamic of a specific organization, and a kind of interactive relationship in a broader cultural context. The author hopes that his reflections of his previous supervisory behavior can react and correspond to his practical works in order to practice his supervisory activities with a broader and wiser viewpoint. It is believed that this paper can provide a different reference for the supervisors of social workers, or persons with the dream of becoming a supervisor, and guide them to reflect on their works, experiences, and practice modes. Perhaps they reflect on their own stories, retell their story regarding their professional development, or the extracted practical wisdom will help the theoretical construction of supervision.
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