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Title: 獨居老人成功老化經驗之探討─以女性高齡志工為例
A Study on the Successful Aging Experiences of Elderly Living Alone : Stories of Six Old-Old Female Volunteers
Authors: 王永慈
Wang, Yeong-Tsyr
Hsu, Wei-Li
Keywords: 獨居老人
Elderly Living Alone
Successful Aging
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究係由台北市兩區老人服務中心引薦六位「從事志願服務之七十五歲以上女性獨居老人」作為研究對象,進行深度訪談,探討其社會關係、心理健康、生理健康、經濟生活四大層面之成功老化經驗,以及如何調適生活以達到成功老化的過程,研究發現如下: 一、成功老化四大層面經驗 (一)社會關係:受訪者多在社區關懷據點或廟宇擔任志工,平時也會提供鄰居生活協助,結束服務時機在於其健康衰退或者家庭有照顧需求時。 (二)心理健康與正向靈性:受訪者在經歷子女離家或親人過世時會衍生負面情緒;面對健康狀況惡化或在家發生意外也會有所擔心。平時會借助宗教信仰來緩解負面情緒。 (三)生理健康:受訪者能克服視力、關節、體能退化等身體損傷,並學習預防意外傷害,平時也會進行個人或參與鄰里團體運動來維持身體健康。 (四)經濟生活:受訪者皆至少擁有一房產。收入來源則有收取租金、子女奉養以及政府支持。 二、調適生活以達成功老化的過程 (一)社會關係:參與志願服務利於服務學習、充實生活、並獲得社會支持。 (二)心理健康與正向靈性:運用「選擇最佳化補償」策略來因應身體損傷、經濟來源以及社會關係的損失,並以信仰來調適負面情緒以及面對臨終議題。 (三)生理健康:幫助維持積極參與生活。 (四)經濟生活:穩定經濟來源能給予安全感。 關鍵字:獨居老人 成功老化 志願服務
This study aims to investigate the Successful Aging experiences, and the adjustment processes in order to achieve Successful Aging of Elderly Living Alone. Six Old-Old female volunteers were chosen as participants from two Seniors Service Centers in Taipei City. In-depth interviews were used and the theme of interview included: social relations, mental health and positive spirituality, physical health, and economic life. The research findings were summarized as follows: 1.The Successful Aging experiences (1)Social relations: They joined the services of community care stations/temples or supported their neighborhood. They left the services due to physical changes or family needs. (2)Mental health and positive spirituality: They had negative emotions due to their children’s leaving home or spouse’s death. They worried about deteriorating health or an accident at home. They tried to seek help from the religious power to reduce their negative emotions. (3)Physical health: They can overcome with vision loss, Osteoarthritis, or decline of physical ability, and were willing to learn how to prevent accidental injuries. They did personal sports or participated community sports activities to remain healthy. (4)Economic life: They all had their own house and financial supports from rents, heritages or government subsidies. 2.The adjustment processes of achieving Successful Aging (1)Social relations: Volunteering had a positive effect on adult learning, life enriching and social supports. (2)Mental health and positive spirituality: The theoretical perspective on the strategies of “selective optimization with compensation” (SOC) can be supported. Religion is another important factor for the happiness of old people. (3)Physical health: They were actively involved in daily activities. (4)Economic life: The stable income sources from family members, NGOs or government also helped them have the sense of economic security. Key words: Elderly Living Alone, Successful Aging, Volunteers
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