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Title: 婦女在裁判離婚的心路歷程
The Process of Women Having Experience in Divorce Litigation
Authors: 潘淑滿
Pan, Shu-Man
Cheng, Huey-Shiuan
Keywords: 離婚
divorce trial
life story
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究透過質性研究的方式,深度訪談4位曾經於半年至10年之間經歷離婚裁判確定之婦女,探討其訴訟過程中的心路歷程,理解其提出離婚訴訟時的轉捩點、訴訟過程中與調解委員、法官、律師、社工互動及接觸經驗,並且探討過程中的訴訟困難點與因應以及正式與非正式支持資源。 研究發現討論離婚訴訟的歷程中通常會順著「變調的婚姻」、「離婚的關鍵」、「準備離婚」、「離家出走」、「訴訟歷程」與「回歸生活」這六個階段發展,其中訴訟過程中的勝敗會影響對於訴訟歷程的感受,特別是未成年子女監護權的爭議常常成為訴訟的主因。另外從生態系統觀點分別由微視、中間、外部到鉅視系統來探討離婚的處境,婦女在過程中深受各項系統資源的影響,進而討論在訴訟過程中婦女接觸社工的經驗、角色與功能。根據研究結果提出對司法體系、社工體系以及後續研究的建議 。
Through an approach of qualitative research, we interviewed four individuals who have been through their divorces via judgements. We investigated their emotional progress, their timing of filing their lawsuits and their feelings about the interactions with mediators, judges, and social workers. We then studied the major challenges, strategies, available resource and supports (formal and informal) during the suits. Our study reveals the six stages of “distorted marriage, key to the divorce, divorce preparation, runaway, lawsuits and going back on track” in a typical divorce via judgement. The perception of the lawsuit largely depends on the resulting judgement, especially when the custody of minor children is the major cause of the suit in the first place. We also discussed the position, role and functionality of the social workers involved in the progress of the suit, on the basis of analysis on the ecosystem in a micro- to macroscopic point of view. We concluded this study with suggestions regarding the judicial and social work system, and some advisories on further.
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