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Title: 哈利波特的電影觀光-台灣觀光客的魔幻凝視
Harry Potter's film tourism-the Fantasy gaze of Taiwanese tourists
Authors: 賴嘉玲
Chia-Ling Lai
Yen-Ling Lo
Keywords: 哈利波特
Harry Potter
film tourism
tourist gaze
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究的背景與動機源自於近年的哈利波特熱潮,以及電影觀光在哈利波特多元文化現象中所位居的重要地位,綜觀國內哈利波特的相關研究尚未以觀光面向深究其對觀光層面所促成的影響。故本研究以哈利波特的電影觀光作為個案探討,剖析哈利波特電影所引發的英國電影景點生產、台灣與英國的雙重旅遊中介、台灣觀光客的魔幻凝視此一完整的觀光脈絡,期望在哈利波特現象與電影觀光的相關研究上做出具體的貢獻。 在台灣觀光客的魔幻凝視層面,特別發現遊客除了望見所望之外,更由內再建構了魔幻想像,促使空間如同中介迷離般於真實與虛擬間流動著,重要的是藉由遊客的魔幻凝視進而豐富了該地的空間意義。 於研究方法的部分取用文獻分析與深度訪談,並佐以電影觀光論述、符號學、文化展演、詮釋循環、觀光客的凝視、真實性將研究分四個層次探討:第一,自拍攝背景了解其藉由實地取景將故事塑造出立體真實感,使故事走入地景,觀光景點的前身因此成形。第二,英國景點運用象徵哈利波特符號的標示物(如:劇照、告示牌、道具模型等),鋪陳了文化與創意想像,將空間轉變成一會說話的環境;且因魔法的展演使得想像、地方、英國文化彼此構連,重構了地方的空間意義。第三,台灣與英國的旅遊中介者促成哈利波特地標的社會建構,吸引了遊客前往該地蒐集地景,同時遊客也經由照片與部落格的紀錄再現了地標。第四,當台灣遊客凝視哈利波特景點時,透過解碼景點標示物,進而幻想故事情節獲得魔法的快感,以滿足自身的欲望;並將自我認同成魔法主角,經由心靈模擬去扮演他者,而形成了自戀的愉悅。而哈利波特故事及其觀光雖是立基於虛擬陳述之上,但由於遊客願意接受與相信這個故事,透過其實際的體驗與展演魔法後反而形成了觀光客的存在真實。
The motivation of this research derives from the increasing importance of Harry Potter in recent years, as well as the critical role of film tourism in Harry Potter multicultural phenomenon. With a relevant review on Harry Potter, there are no domestic studies focused on its effect upon tourism from the perspective of tourism. Hence, Harry Potter related film tourism is chosen as a case study in this research. This study examines the tourism context from producing film attractions in the United Kingdom triggered by Harry Potter films, the travel intermediaries from Taiwan and the United Kingdom both constructed the fantasy gaze of Taiwanese tourists. In particular, the part of fantasy gaze focuses on that tourists slip between the actuality and virtuality in the Harry Potter attractions, and the locations function as liminal spaces. The most important is that the fantasy gaze can be attributed to the multiplicity of places. Documentary analysis and in-depth interviews are adopted, drawing upon theories of film tourism and semiotics, culture on display, hermeneutic circle, tourist gaze, and authenticity. This research is divided into four parts: Firstly, the fictitious story becomes three-dimensional and authentic by location shooting. Because of location shooting, a flat story can possess specific landscapes and a predecessor of attraction can be shaped. Second, based on the producing attractions in the United Kingdom, I explore the local attractions using Harry Potter markers turn the space into a talking environment, and make the actual attractions can lay out a virtual magic imagination. The magic displays have reshaped the local landscape and connected with imagination, sight, culture. Third, travel intermediaries in Taiwan and the United Kingdom contribute to social construction of the Harry Potter landmarks, attracting tourists to collect these landmarks, and furthermore the photos and blogs from tourists represent the landscape as well. Forth, when Taiwanese tourists visit Harry Potter attractions, they have special fantasy gaze and performances. In addition to gazing on the actual attractions, the virtual film scenes tend to emerge from tourist’s mind. They also mentally and bodily simulate the movie characters. By this way, tourists can get magic pleasure and fulfill their desire. Although Harry Potter stories and tourism base on a virtual context, tourists are still willing to accept and believe this story. Nothing is real except what the tourists believe. Through the actual tourist experience and magic display, authenticity can exist in the Harry Potter tour.
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