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Title: 威尼斯面具嘉年華之觀光體驗研究
A study of tourist experience in Venetian Carnival
Authors: 劉以德
Chiao-Yu HSU
Keywords: 威尼斯面具嘉年華
Pine II & Gilmore
Venetian Carnival
Pine II & Gilmore
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 節慶觀光為今日文化觀光主流型式之一,本研究以威尼斯嘉年華為研究個案,意圖將此節慶所提供的不同體驗型式做有系統的分析,了解(1)節慶及城市所提供的體驗類型、(2)遊客體驗類型和體驗差異的探討及(3)作者對節慶體驗的反思,為了將節慶特殊性及細微體驗感受納入考量,主要研究方法將採用質性的個案研究,研究資料來源包含一手資料(深度訪談及參與觀察)及收集二手資料(官方宣傳品、網站、照片、遊記),透過和10位符合受訪條件的台灣觀光客進行半結構式訪談,將受訪資料編碼歸類,對收集到的資料進行敘事分析及影像分析,援用 Pine II與Gilmore(1998)所發展出的體驗四象限為研究框架來說明威尼斯嘉年華的娛樂、教育、美感和逃離體驗,藉著和文獻相互印證及研究者詮釋來解析此節慶中的體驗型式,為求完整的體驗分析,主要架構並包含體驗的源頭-動機和體驗的延伸-紀念品的探討,藉此一覽面具節多元的體驗全貌。 本研究在了解嘉年華體驗型式的過程中,發現威尼斯嘉年華以娛樂體驗為主,能夠滿足觀光客對新奇感的需求,同時是具高度娛樂、美感、逃離體驗及中度教育體驗的節慶,面具節符合Pine II與Gilmore所提出的體驗甜美點能夠提供複合式體驗型態,而這也是台灣目前舉辦節慶活動應符合的訴求,結合在地特色及人文精神發展專屬於地方的複合式體驗節慶,不過另一方面筆者在本研究中也發現,面具節和台灣現有的節慶環境無法相互對照,僅能供未來舉辦國際大型節事活動借鏡與參考。
Festival tourism is one of the mainstream cultural tourism forms today. Taking the Venetian festival for the study, this paper aims to analyze systematically different experience types in this festival. To understand (1)the experience types provided by festival and city, (2)experience types and differences received by tourists, (3)author’s self reflexions of experience and to consider the specialty of this festival and feelings of tourists, the qualitative case-study method will be adapted. The research data will include the first-hand material (in-depth/semi-structure interviews held with 10 qualified Taiwanese interviewees and participant observations) and the second-hand material (brochures, websites, photos, travel writings). The collected data will use the narrative analysis and the photo-based analysis and proceed with the structure of Pine II and Gilmore’s four realms of experiences to explain and understand the entertainment, education, esthetic and escapist experiences in Venetian carnival. The experience origin – motivation and the experience extension – souvenirs will be included in order to a full view of experience analysis. In this paper, the author realizes the Venetian carnival is entertainment directed. It is a festival of highly entertainment, esthetics, escapist and medium education experience. It can satisfy tourists’ novelty need and meets Pine II and Gilmore’s sweet spot to provide compounded experiences. As a result, festivals held in Taiwan should meet the local specialty/humanity and provide compounded experiences. But on the other hand, the author also finds, the actual Taiwanese festival environment cannot be compared to the Venetian carnival. It can only be taken for reference for Taiwanese future international festivals.
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