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Title: 從音樂傳統與歷史,探討維也納音樂城市形象之塑成
Contextualizing the Image-Formation of the Musical City Vienna - from the Perspective of Tradition and History of Music
Authors: 陳學毅
CHEN, Hsueh-i
LAI, Chien-Ni
Keywords: 城市意象
city image
music tourism
classical music
cultural heritage
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 當今許多非政治強權的國家,並非靠強大的武力與政治力在世界上佔有一席之地,反而是利用其歷史或地理上的文化遺產,來得到全世界的認同與重視。許多國家與城市競相爭取在世界文化遺產 (UNESCO) 上的認定,讓國家與城市形象能夠躍昇於國際舞台。維也納是奧地利的首都和最大的城市,具有文化、經濟與政治的重要性。它不但是全世界著名的旅遊觀光勝地,對許多人來說,也是奧地利文化、歷史與觀光的代表。此外,維也納一直是國際會議和公約舉辦的地點,在國際外交與政治上具有舉足輕重的地位以及中立的形象。維也納的「音樂之都」形象不只影響了觀光,同時也藉此以音樂與藝術的中立形象立足於國際。 對許多觀光客而言,維也納是充滿浪漫的古典音樂氣息與充滿皇室光輝的城市,除了它的歷史文物,包括富麗堂皇、優雅可媲美法國凡爾賽宮的美泉宮,以及氣派的霍夫堡皇宮以外,維也納最吸引人的莫過於充滿整個城市的古典音樂風格。維也納一年四季都有多彩多姿的文化藝術節目與展覽,無論是古典音樂、戲劇、電影、舞蹈、歌劇、音樂劇或藝術展覽及音樂會,每年吸引大批遊客前來觀賞與並共襄盛舉。維也納多樣的觀光形式,可以讓觀光者深度地探索文化與藝術,也能放鬆地沉浸在古典音樂的氛圍裡。在眾多的觀光城市之中,維也納以其歷史悠久的文化資產,尤其是古典音樂相關的歷史與著名人物來吸引觀光客之外,更有著名的樂團表演以及世界知名的音樂廳提供愛樂者們前來聆聽欣賞。本文目的即在探討維也納如何將抽象及具象的文化資產與觀光資源結合,以及維也納如何形塑、維持歐洲音樂之都的形象,並且如何與音樂觀光產業結合,成為觀光重鎮。
Many countries and cities compete to be on the list of world heritage sites (UNESCO), and governments make tentative jumps on the international stage with the image of cultural capital. Without political and military forces, countries having historic cultural heritages can gain worldwide recognition and attention to prove their existence. Vienna, as the capital and the largest city in Austria, is the most important cultural, economic and political center. Today, Vienna is not only a world's famous tourist resort, but also the city of music in Europe. Vienna has been one of the most popular venues for international conferences and conventions for years because of its pivotal position and political neutrality in the world. Vienna was and is home to many greats musical composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert; therefore, it is said to be full of classical and romantic atmosphere all around the city. Additionally, Vienna hosts artistic cultural programs and exhibitions, including classical music, theater, film, dance and opera, attracting a large number of tourists to flock in the city all over the year-round. How Vienna builds its image as the city of music in Europe and succeeds in the tourism industry will be discussed in the following study.
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