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Title: 哈茨山的女巫與其他傳說故事對當地觀光的影響
Witch and Other Legend Stories of The Harz Mountains and their influences on Local Tourism
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-I
Chien, Sang-Hsiang
Keywords: 哈茨山脈
The Harz Mountains
Walpurgis Night
Legend Stories
Culture landscape
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 哈茨(Harz)山脈上的布羅肯峰為德國北部的最高峰,自古因為其幽深的高山密林而流傳著無數的神秘傳說,現今哈茨地區的意象可以說是被中世紀國王時代、矮人地下世界、女巫與惡魔的魔法世界三大類傳說塑造而成,其中又以 4/30 晚上的女巫之夜(Walpurgisnacht)傳說在全世界流傳最廣,這些傳說都使哈茨山脈披上一襲神秘的面紗,吸引許多觀光客到此地感受其特殊的奇幻氛圍。 本文以德國哈茨山地區為主要背景,探討其中流傳的傳說故事、德國女巫歷史與形象演變。並討論神秘自然景觀所催生的傳說故事塑造的文化地景,以及文化地景如何反過來將哈茨山塑造成今日的模樣,透過地方意象、文化地景、與品牌等多種觀點來層層分析地方塑造的過程。
The Broken is the highest peak of Mountain Harz in northern Germany. For centuries, its deep and enchanted forest sang of mysterious myths and legends, which have been kept alive from generation to generation. The image of Harz is shaped by three great myths: first, the age of the Medieval kings, second, the subterranean realm of men and dwarves living in the mountain, and third, the secret world of witches and devils. Among all its myths, the Walpurgis Night is perhaps the most deeply rooted and famous around the world, creating a haunting yet enigmatic atmosphere around the Mountain Harz. This thesis focuses on discussing the history and the change of perceptions of German witches around the region of Mountain Harz. The aim of the research is to understand how these myths, which are nurtured by its mysterious scenery, shape its cultural landscapes. The author would also like to investigate how these surrounding cultural landscapes have influenced and aided the development of its modern day tourism.
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