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Title: 福爾摩斯影視觀光:文化創意展演與旅遊實踐分析
Sherlock Holmes Film and Televisual Tourism: an Analysis of the Cultural Creative Performances and Tourist Practices
Authors: 賴嘉玲
Lai, Chia-Ling
Lo, Yi-Ning
Keywords: 影視觀光
film and televisual tourism
literary tourism
Sherlock Holmes
film tourist
tourist practice
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract:   近年來影視觀光蔚為風行,電影或影集裡的場景常再現供人觀光體驗,延伸觀眾在電影結束後與劇中人物的連結。英國倫敦,眾多電影取景城市之一,透過鏡頭城市各種面貌傳至世界各地,藉由電影達到觀光宣傳效果。以倫敦為背景的福爾摩斯,不論是電影《福爾摩斯》(Sherlock Holmes)或是BBC影集《新世紀福爾摩斯》(Sherlock)都令影迷趨之若鶩。由於導演取材改編的手法不同,小說翻拍成的影視作品迸出精彩的火花,許多觀光客欲造訪一處特別景點不再是因為想實現閱讀時的想像,而是欲親眼見到、親自體驗影視中的場景。舉凡1990年於倫敦貝克街成立的福爾摩斯博物館、因電影影集受歡迎而開辦的步行導覽、2014年倫敦博物館舉辦的福爾摩斯特展等,皆是福爾摩斯影視觀光中的景點活動,觀光客得以在博物館和展覽的重現、導覽人員的引領之下,親自探訪小說、影視作品中的景物,拉近跟大偵探的距離,也藉由在城市中漫遊的機會了解倫敦。   本研究將探討的,是透過《福爾摩斯》小說欣賞電影影集、展開旅行,亦或由鏡頭誘發觀光、引領閱讀興趣、小說與影視作品交織出的福爾摩斯影視觀光。影視觀光裡延伸出的博物館參訪、特展、步行導覽等等的文化創意活動是本研究的重點,探究博物館、特展如何藉由擬仿手法帶領參觀者回到十九世紀倫敦,以及導覽透過對《福爾摩斯》小說、電影、影集的涉獵,如何將倫敦呈現在觀光客眼前。觀光客的旅遊實踐是另一個重點,試圖剖析一個根據文學小說或電影建構出之觀光景點的建構與永續性,再討論觀光客對於小說、電影、影集三者所衍生出的不同觀感和體驗。
Film tourism has been popular these years. Scenes in lots of films or TV series are reconstructed and presented in order to have tourists gain or strengthen the connection with characters. As backdrop of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures, London attracts fans of Warner movie Sherlock Holmes and BBC TV series Sherlock to see film locations in person. Different shooting and adapting techniques create intriguing interaction between the novel itself and its adaptations, transferring Sherlock Holmes literary tourism into Sherlock Holmes film and televisual tourism. To make their imaginations actualized is not the primary aim for tourists. To see the actual locations of films and to experience what had happened in films are the main reasons for them to travel to. With the help of documentary and observation, this paper attempts to discuss the Sherlock Holmes film and televisual tourism enticed by films as well as novels. First, by analyzing how the Sherlock Holmes museum and exhibition reconstruct and represent the nineteen-century plots and various spaces of Sherlock Holmes, and how tour guides’ performativities introduce film and novel locations to tourist in London. The discussion of the experiences of the museum, the exhibition, walking and audio tours, and other creative activities and spots related to Sherlock Holmes will also be presented. Second, tourist practice will be an important part while discussing the differences among fans of book, film and TV series. To have a clear picture of how tourist interact and remember the film locations they have visited, blogs analysis provides insightful perspective to fully understand the influence and the sustainability of Sherlock Holmes film and televisual tourism.
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