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Title: 參與行為模式對於跨文化適應之影響研究─以臺英青年交流計畫為例
The Study on the Behaviour Analysis and its Influence on the Cross-Culture Adjustment - The example of Youth Mobility Scheme
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-I
Chiou, Chi-Luen
Keywords: 工作假期
Working Holiday
Study Abroad
Volunteer Tourism
Cross-Culture Adjustment
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近幾年來,工作假期(Working Holiday)、打工旅遊(Work& Travel)或志工旅行(Volunteer Tourism)等新型態旅遊模式蔚為盛行,初步可追溯至18世紀時英國貴族青年的歐洲大陸壯遊(Grand Tour)發展至今,有別於一般大眾觀光之走馬看花並且高流動性的旅遊型態,參與者得以透過個人勞動力的付出獲取報酬以因應個人旅行支出,並且較為穩定長期的停留強化了個人與異地文化之間的連結與交流。 截至目前為止,我國依序與紐西蘭、澳洲、日本、加拿大、德國、韓國、英國、愛爾蘭、比利時、匈牙利、斯洛伐克、波蘭和奧地利,共計十三個國家簽署相關交流計劃協定。本研究計畫選定臺英青年交流計畫(Youth Mobility Scheme)作為研究背景,由於該計畫提供了臺灣青年兩年有效簽證前往英國進行全時工作、兼職打工、志工活動或自費遊學等,使得臺灣青年有機會體驗英國當地生活、提升語言能力並促進雙方人民之交流,因此本研究欲深入探討該計畫參與者依據各自所從事的行為模式之差異進而對於跨文化適應之影響。 本研究採用質性研究方式進行深度訪談,而研究對象依據交流計畫規定可區分為短期語言學習、工作者與志工人員,共三大類行為模式。由於該計畫尚屬於初步發展的階段,目前並無任何關於臺英交流計畫之學術性研究,故俱備其研究之必要性。期許研究成果得以提供後續計畫參與者之經驗參考並予以臺英雙方行政單位政策措施改善。
With the popularity of a new form of travelling, Working Holiday has been transformed into various styles such as Work& Travel and Volunteer Tourism. Unlike general mass tourism, such a new way of travelling has been quite popular among the youth in western countries seeking for an insightful and further exotic culture exploring. By devoting one’s own labour force for a remuneration which covers the cost of living and traveling, participant can expect for a longer-term stay and in-depth experience abroad. Through several Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by our government in collaboration with 13 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hungry and Slovaka, these programmes have been involving many Taiwanese youth in recently. This research project is based on the collaboration programme between the UK and Taiwan called as Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS). For the youth who aged no more than 30 and with certain requirements verified such as financial condition and marriage status, the applicant will be eligible for the Tier 5 visa which is valid for 2 years. The method of qualitative approach is applied with in-depth interviews with the participants who had been involved in this scheme. Three divisions of participant behaviours as Labour, Language Learner and Volunteer will be analysed individually in terms of its influence on Cross-Culture Adjustment. As there haven’t been quite many research projects with a focus on this topic, it is expected that the results could contribute to the people who intend to take participation in and both the UK and Taiwan authorities for a further reference and inspection of this scheme.
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