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Title: 台灣原住民族教育體系趨向與建構之研究-以設置原住民族高中為例
Authors: 黃 人 傑
Keywords: 原住民族
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 1998年6月17日「原住民族教育法」公布實施,並於2004年8月19日經立法院再度修正通過,奠定了原住民族教育的法源依據,這是一個劃時代的重要決定,自然具有特別的歷史意義。它不但揭示了「原住民族教育權」的自主性,更期望對原住民結構性的弱勢教育環境提供改善的基本方針,俾使原住民族的寶貴歷史文化與藝能,透過教育的媒介得以發揚光大與保存,使台灣原住民的文化,能成為國家文化的重要資產。本研究的主旨是希望能在主流教育的嚴重侵蝕與逐漸吞沒原住民文化的關鍵時刻,開闢一條既能融入主流社會,又能發揚及保存各自族群珍貴文化的教育體系,使原住民的青年學生能獲致良好的潛能發展,並能與一般學生相互學習、包容、互信,甚至創造公平競爭的機會,提昇原住民整體的社會競爭能力與地位。同時要將研究結果與建議提供給行政院原住民族事務委員會、教育部及原住民籍立法委員、各原住民籍國中小學、高中(職)校長、教師等菁英,藉以形成共識,共同為原住民的教育改革而努力。因此,本研究希望能達成下述五項目標: 一、促進民族認同,以維護原住民族之尊嚴。 二、傳承與發展原住民文化以延續原住民族之命脈。 三、改善弱勢處境,擴大社會參與,以增進原住民的福祉。 四、藉比較各國原住民族教育政策,探討本國原住民教育未來的觀念與發展趨勢。 五、規劃原住民族教育體系之建構,並能帶動文化的維護與發揚,並使學生有更好的教育發展。
Summary/Abridgement Aboriginal education enactment was announced into practice on June 17, 1998 and amended by Legislation Yuan on Aug. 19, 2004. It represented a historical meaning and an epoch-making decision because it established the foundation of law for aboriginal education. In order to enhance and retain/keep the precious culture of aborigine and to let it become an important asset of Taiwan, the Aboriginal education enactment not only revealed the liberty of aboriginal education but also provided the principles to improve the weakness/minority of aboriginal education environment. The main idea of this study is hope to establish an educational system which makes the aboriginal education be assimilated into the mainstream society and glorify and keep the treasure culture of aborigines during the crucial period of the corrosion and devoured by the mainstream education. Meanwhile, the study expects that the aboriginal teenagers can get better development on their potentials and be able to learn from other students, how to subsume and trust, and even to create the equal opportunities of competition so that they can move up their capability and position in the society. Any conclusions and suggestions in this study will be submitted to Council of Indigenous people, Executive Yuan, Ministry of Education, aboriginal legislators, principles and teachers of each Elementary, Junior and High school in order to germinate an consensus to strive for the reformation aboriginal education. Therefore, this study has to basically reach below five targets: 1. Cultivating the ethnic recognition in order to keep the ethnic dignity. 2. Spreading and developing aboriginal culture in order to continue its life. 3. Improving the minority and enlarge the social participation in order to gain their welfare. 4. Discussing the future development and tendency of aboriginal education by comparing to other county’s education policy. 5. Planning the structure of education system, imbuing culture preservation and glorification in order to provide a better education environment to students.
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