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Title: 胡適政治思想之研究
Authors: 黃人傑
Keywords: 政治參與
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本文以縱切與橫剖兩個面向,論述胡適一生政治思想之演變。首先以所處時代背景與思想淵源分析大環境與小環境,對胡先生治學與倫理基礎做一初步探討,從而切入其政治思想角度,得知胡先生乃是一自由主義與民主政治之堅定支持者。 胡適在中國歷史上跨越了近代、現代和當代。左派學者甚至以為近代史、現代史劃分點,而胡適在這一時期正好扮演精神導師的角色。由於這兩千年一大變局,影響之層面不止於政治,更旁及文化再造、新思潮引入與社會運動。若僅從制度乃至政治單一層面切入,將無法窺得胡先生政治思想全貌。故本文試圖從文學革命、思想革新與胡適思想核心的科學主義三個主題為經;以傳播媒體勃興、政局更迭與教育變革三個社會事件為緯,深入探討胡適的時代角色。 本文第三、四章為全文的核心。先從橫剖面論述胡適之政治思想內涵,得知儒家仁政思想與現代民主思潮有其共通點,並以胡先生所提倡之新道德觀與傳統治道亦有截長補短之功,為本文較大一發現;而自由主義更是民主政治之理論基礎,其具體實施則有賴民主憲政。其次從時間縱切面探討胡適一生的政治參與,可從《每週評論》、《新月月刊》、《獨立評論》以迄《自由中國》四種刊物看出,胡先生一生以在野身分諫執政當局為主,但是當國家有難,亦可奉獻一己,不致流於矯情。 最後以胡適政治思想,對政界與教育界影響呼應第三章—胡適的時代角色問題。他投入的教育改革,推崇並堅持民主自由精神,反對極權政治的言論,以及對政治建設的具體措施,聯邦式的統一,均有相當獨到見解,足以為今日政壇之借鏡。
This article is to elucidate the evolution of Hu Shih’s thoughts from different viewpoints. Beginning by a preliminary research of his methods and ethical theory. I conceive that Hu Shih was a liberalist and a solid supporter of democracy. Hu Shih had strided across modern times, contemporary age in Chinese history. The Enlightenment Movement of May Fourth marked China’s modernity. Some Leftist scholars even considered it as the turning point from modern to contemporary China, during which Hu Shih played a leading role as “ mental master”. The impact of the change that China has never met for the past 2000 years was set on cultural dimension as well as on political dimension, bringing about cultural reestablishments and the introduction of new thoughts. This article intends to deeply elucidate Hu Shih’s role and thoughts by 2 ways: horizontally an analysis of literary revolution, thought renovation and scientificism ; vertically a research of the rise of media, the political and educational change during the beginning era of the Republic of China. The focus of this article is set on chapter 3 and chapter 4. As original viewpoints, I outline Hu Shih’s major contention as follows: 1) there are convergent points between Confucianism and modern democracy; 2) liberalism is the founding stone of democracy. Viewed from such journals as “Weekly Review”, “Crescent Monthly”, ”Independent Review”, “Free China”, we may find that Hu Shih, as a remonstrant, is ready to devote himself to his country, whenever she is in danger. Hu Shih’s devotion to educational reforms his insistence to democracy and liberalism, and his unique opinions on anti-extremism, political developments and confederation polity may be taken as mirrors for contemporary men of politics.
Other Identifiers: N2003000398
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