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Title: 陳立夫與台灣儒家學說之發展
Authors: 黃域
Keywords: 四書道貫
儒 學
易 學
Confucian Way
Human principle theory
Liberal education
Easy to learn
Confucius&Mencius theory
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本論文研究的動機、目的是攸關陳立夫在台灣推展儒家學說的貢獻來加以探討。   陳立夫的成長與背景,並在學習過程中所遇到的良師益友,為他奠立了穩固的思想基礎,更讓他確立了將來發展的志趣事業。   探討相關文獻的同時,發現到陳立夫所論著之書籍非常多,內容都有助於我們更認識中國的儒家學說,在著述的分類上可分成儒學類、易學類、倫理道德類、科學、經濟類,從以上之分類不難看出陳立夫的學識非常淵博。   從中國儒家的學說精華而言,四書是認識中國文化最典型的代表,陳立夫歷經數年的光陰,編纂了一本「四書道貫」。原本獨立的學說內容中,將論語、孟子、大學、中庸加以融合,更道出儒家一貫的思想內容。相關的儒學著述還很多,在文獻中有詳細的介紹。   儒家學說涵蓋了經濟、政治、社會的內容,最大的貢獻是應用在教育上。因此了解儒家的教育觀,並就儒家學說在教育的實用性加以探討,就顯得有其重要性,當然陳立夫將儒家學說在教育的推展成效上,更是有不可否認的功勞。   陳立夫自幼承襲中國傳統之教育,及長接受了新式教育,即使是當時留學美國榮獲工學碩士,他仍感到儒家學說在當今社會的影響力既深且遠,只是被國人所忽視。因此,在行有餘力的同時,對儒家學說有深化的研究,並完成了「四書道貫」的著述。編著了「孔子學說對世界之影響」,分為第一輯和第二輯。另外在教育部的人文及社會學科教育指導委員會擔任主編,執筆了「人文教育十二講」。後來更是力促組成「中華文化復興推行委員會」,並成立「孔孟學會」,弘揚中華文化不遺餘力。   就以上的討論,分析研究心得,提出研究時所獲得的收穫,並就研究所發現的困境,希望將來在推發儒家學說時,能薄盡心力提供淺見,並就本研究未周詳之處,促使下一階段的研究能有所展望。
The motive and purpose of this research is to study the contribution which Li-Fu Chen made in propagating Confucianism in Taiwan. Not only Mr. Chen’s family background but also the great masters and good friends whom he met at school helped him solidify his thoughts and make sure what he would do in the future. When studying the related literature, I found out Mr. Chen was a very learned man because he had written many books, including Confucianism, Classic of Changes, moral ethics, science and economics. All of them are great help when studying Chinese Confucianism. From the essence of Chinese Confucianism, the Four Books is the typical book to know the Chinese culture. It took Mr. Chen several years to write a book called The Confucian Way, which made all the independent thoughts in the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, the Great Learning, and the Doctrine of the Mean well-integrated. Confucianism covers theories in economics, politics and society, and its great value is to apply in education. Therefore, it is very important to understand the educational philosophy in Confucianism, and to take a closer look at its practical possibilities. Of course, Mr. Chen’s efforts in this aspect are definitely undeniable. Mr. Chen had accepted the traditional education since he was little. When he grew up, he also had the western type of education. However, even when he had a Master’s degree in Science in the U. S., he still thought Confucianism had great influence in our society, but unfortunately most Chinese people ignored it. Therefore, he used his free time to study Confucianism closely and finished writing The Confucian Way ,The Influence of Confucius doctrine ,Part one and Part Two. Besides, Committee of Ministry of Liberal Education wrote the Liberal Education Twelve Chapter, and then later helped to set up Committee on Restoration of Chinese Civilization , and Confucius& Mencius Society. Both organization have done their best to glorify Chinese culture. I hope this research would give readers some insights in spreading Confucianism, and also help to improve myself in the future.
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