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Title: 21世紀臺灣國家公園發展策略之分析
An Analysis of the Strategic Management of Development for Taiwan’s National Parks
Authors: 黃城
Chen Huang
Yueh-Wen Huang
Chien-Chueh Tsai
Keywords: 國家公園
National Park
Strategic Management
Sustainable Development
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 國家公園成立的目的,在保護國家特有的自然風景、野生動植物及史蹟,並提供國民育樂及研究之用。臺灣的國家公園法自1972年公布施行,並自1982年起陸續規劃設置了墾丁等九座國家公園,迄今30多年來,除保育成果有目共睹外,亦是國人乃至國際訪客喜愛造訪的戶外休憩場所。 然而在邁入21世紀後,政治上已出現過政黨輪替,經濟上國民所得提高,休憩需求大幅增加,且民眾對生態環境更具高度的自主意識,國家公園當前在經營管理上面臨諸多挑戰。如何使自然生態永續發展、生物多樣性、空間利用和文化多元性等各種價值保持平衡或提升,已是國家公園當局無法輕忽的問題。   本研究全面觀照21世紀政治經濟環境對國家公園制度所帶來的威脅與危機,同時也關注其所帶來的轉變契機,運用SWOT分析及策略矩陣等方式,提供一些經營管理上的因應策略,作為國家公園當局在政策規劃及執行上的參考。
There are four purposes for the establishment of National Park, in preserving the nation's unique natural scenery, wild fauna and flora and historic sites and providing public recreation and areas for scientific research. The National Park Law promulgated since 1972, and since 1982, Kenting National Park has been established for over 30 years, until now 9 national parks have been established in Taiwan. In addition to conservation achievements for all to see, but also the outdoors recreation areas that people like to visit. In 21st century, the political and economical situation had changed. Ruling party turns on and the national income continues to increase, people's demand to the amusement and rest dramatically increases, but a high degree of self-awareness of environmental protection. Therefore, the authority of national park has faced a number of challenges, how to maintain balance between several values :Environment sustainable development, biodiversity, cultural diversity, land utilization and so on. These problems can not be ignored. In this study, a comprehensive view of the National Park system at the crisis in the political and economic environment in the 21st century, and concerned about the opportunity it brings. The study provides several management strategies as references of policy decision for national park authority.
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