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Title: 日本殖民體制下星製藥會社的政商關係
Relationship Between Government and Merchants during Japanese Colonial System: Hoshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s Case Study
Authors: 許介鱗 博士
Hsu Chieh-Lin Ph.D.
Liu Be-Rung
Keywords: 星一
Hoshi Hajimei
Hoshi Pharmaceutical Co.
relationship between government and merchants
political economy
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 政商關係為政治學的一個熱烈討論的課題。自古以來,人類政治行為與經濟活動息息相關,前者對後者具有強制性的需求與配合;而後者提供前者堅實的物質基礎及生活資料。這種政治行為與經濟活動的互動過程,稱為「政商關係」。 本論文主要以歷史研究理論、殖民理論與政治經濟學研究理論,作為研究途徑。以政治與經濟的整合,來分析探討早熟殖民帝國引入殖民體系其下的政府與企業之互動關係,對日本殖民帝國發展的影響。代表殖民帝國政府的後藤新平與民間企業的星一,都是推動日本殖民帝國發展的行為者,為其自身的存在與發展,以兩人互動的政商關係為基礎,所進行的政治與經濟行為,以獲取更多的利益與資源,使其達到資源的極大化與極佳化。 本研究再依文獻分析法、個案分析法及比較研究法等規範性的方法,從星藥科大學、日本國會圖書館、台灣大學圖書館等處所藏的星一及星製藥會社史料,期望從星製藥株式會社的發展與變遷中,探討星一如何透過與日本政府及臺灣總督府的關係,並運用製藥會社的營運組織與人脈網絡,進行鴉片製造營運與規那造林事業,以生產麻藥、奎寧等生物鹼之化學藥品商品化。最後從中瞭解其製藥企業的崛起,與日本政府間之政商關係運用,及其在近代日本對外擴張中所扮演的角色。
The relationship between government and merchants is a hot-studied topic in political science. From ancient till now, political behavior of human and economic action is closely related, the former is dominant need and cooperate, and the latter is substantial material foundation. The interrelationship between political behavior and economic action is called “relationship between government and merchants”. Historical theories, colonial theories and political economy theories are main approaches used in this study. The integration between politics and economics will be used to study how the precocity colonial empire introduced interrelations between government and enterprises under colonial system, and its influence. Goto Shimpei(後藤新平)as imperial government representer, Hoshi Hajimei(星一)as civil entrepreneur, are both actors pushing Japanese colonial imperial system forward. They are self-benefited, based on their interrelation; their political and economical actions were maximizing their resources. Hoshi hajimei and Hoshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd’s archive located in Hoshi University, Japanese congress library, National Taiwan University will be used analyzed by normative means such as literature analytic method, case studies method and comparative studies method. Such development and transformation of corporation can be observed how its owner used relationship between government and governor-general, operation organization and interpersonal context of corporation can be help in productions and operations of opium, forestation of Cinchonalederiana, and commercialization of such chemicals. Finally, it will discuss the rise of a pharmaceutical corporation, relationship between Japanese government and merchants, and its role on modern Japan’s external expansion.
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