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Title: 2000年後台灣政黨的聯合
The coalitions of Taiwan Parties after 2000y.
Authors: 吳文程 博士
Wu Wen-cheng
Tang Yunteng
Keywords: 政黨聯合
Party coalition
Election coalition
Legislative coalition
Governing coalition
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 論文摘要: 2000年後台灣政黨的聯合,幕起幕落,令政治觀察家目不睱給。本文列舉十個選舉聯合案例、五個立法聯合案例、四個執政聯合案例,除對各案例成功、失敗之因提出見解,並徵引聯合理論(最小獲勝標準)加以詮釋之,為國內首開選舉、立法、執政聯合三面向整合研究之著作。研究結果發現:台灣政黨聯合的經驗,成功比率最高為選舉聯合,其次為立法聯合,執政聯合則全部失敗。台灣政黨聯合多由政黨領袖峰會啟動。跨越意識形態的政黨聯合,尚無成功經驗。台灣政黨的聯合現象是最小獲勝標準的反例。 本文研究台灣政黨聯合現象後,對聯合理論提出新修正觀點:「當政黨聯合符合政黨領袖利益時,則獲勝聯合出現」。文末提出台灣政黨聯合機制之研究建議,其程序為:召開政黨領袖峰會、發表共同行動綱領、簽署聯盟共同協議以及政黨執行協議四步驟。
It is valuable to study the coalitions of Taiwan Parties after 2000y. This article lists ten cases of election-coalition , five cases of legislative-coalition and four cases of governing-coalition in Taiwan Parties. In addition to, Analyze the various cases of success or failure, this article adopt combined theory (minimum winning creiteria) shall be interpreted, , in order to open the first domestic electoral, legislative, governing the coalition integration of three research-oriented publications. The results showed that: Taiwan's political parties in the coalition experience of the highest success rate for the election of the coalition, followed by the legislative coalition, governing coalitions are a total failure. Taiwan's political parties by the joint multi-party leaders start summit. Political parties across the ideological union, there is no successful experience. Taiwan's political parties to win the joint phenomenon is the smallest standard counter-examples. This study propose new amendments to the minimum winning creiteria of view: "When the political leaders of political parties in line with the interests of the coalition, then won coalition occur." The end the proposed coalition mechanism for Taiwan's Parties of the research proposals, its procedures as follows:the convening of the summit leaders of Parties, issued a joint program of action, and Parties by mutual agreement signed by the League four-step implementation of the agreement.
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