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Title: 臺灣教育投資之經濟分析(1980)--兼論擴張性教育政策之妥適性
The Economical Analysis of Educational Investment in Taiwan(1980-2003)--A Supplementary Comment on the Appropriate of Educational Expandability Policy
Authors: 吳忠吉
Wu Chung-Chi
Wu Jiann-Der
Keywords: 知識經濟
Knowledge-based Economy
Human Capital
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Educational Reform
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 人力資本的觀念早在古典經濟學發展時期即被承認,隨著知識經濟時代的來臨,「人」在生產過程中所扮演的角色則更形重要。本研究主要在探討教育對經濟活動的重要性,並以臺灣地區為例,設定1980年代以後迄2003年間教育對經濟成長的貢獻,闡釋教育對經濟活動的影響,再進一步探討臺灣地區各級教育投資報酬結果,以及在教育改革下的教育策略應該為何。根據本研究發現,教育確實對經濟發展具有影響;以丹尼森勞動人數估量法設算1980年迄2003年間教育對臺灣地區國民所得增長貢獻結果,約當5.07﹪。至於臺灣地區教育投資報酬率方面,平均投資報酬率中、高等教育高於初等教育,邊際投資報酬率在非技職體系方面以大學最高、國民教育次之、高中最低,在技職體系方面則以專科最高、高職次之、國民教育最低。就以「投資」的角度思索教育改革方向應朝「發展優質的國民教育」、「建立合流延伸的高中教育」與「推動專業的高等教育」三方面努力。
The notion of human capital had been admitted while the classical economics developed. Accompanying the coming of knowledge economy, “Human Being” had played an important role on the productive process. This study explores the importance of education for economical activity, and takes Taiwan as an example, sets up what contribution education had made to economical development since 1980, elucidates what influences education had made to economical activity. Furthermore, the study discusses the results of every level’s educational return on investment, and what educational strategy we should make. According to my research find that education has influenced economical development indeed, besides, the research finds that in the aspect of educational return on investment in Taiwan, the average return of higher and secondary education is higher than primary education; the highest of marginal return on investment of non-technological system is university, then is compulsory education, and senior high school education is lowest. The highest of technological system is college, and then is vocational high school, and senior high school is lowest. The orientation of educational reform which bases on the notion of investment should work hard towards “develops good quality’s compulsory education”, “establishes confluent and elongating senior high school education” and “promotes professional high education”.
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