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Title: 論保守主義的法治觀
On the Concept of the Rule of Law in Conservatism
Authors: 陳文政
Wen-Cheng Chen
Che-Wei Kuo
Keywords: 保守主義
rule of law
E. Burke
M. Oakeshott
L. Strauss
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract:   Robert Nisbet認為,過去兩個世紀以來是以自由主義、社會主義與保守主義為三大主要政治意識形態。而保守主義的內涵在普遍的認知上總是較為隱晦且難以言明的。另一方面,在民主政治的政治運作中,法治的概念雖為其理論與實行的重要元素,但要明確地指出法治的概念為何,則又人言言殊。   本論文主要的研究目的,便以保守主義的政治意識形態,來探究民主政治運作中其對於法治的態度。但研究的重點並非是在於條列或強勢地定義法治的教條,而是以保守主義一貫的方式,聚焦於保守主義對於法治觀念背後的態度為何。   是以本論文除了闡述保守主義思想家的論述外,另就社會契約論、民主理論、憲政主義來探討保守主義的法治觀。此外則以自由主義、社會主義以及方法論上的實證主義來批判保守主義的法治觀。
Robert Nisbet said: “Conservatism is one of the three major political ideologies of the past two centuries in the West, the other two being liberalism and socialism.”When it comes to thediscussionsof conservatism, in general cognizance,it is obscure and inexplicable. On the other hand, the concept of the rule of lawis the most important foundation of the democratic operationsand theories, but there are different opinions with it. The main purpose of this thesis is to explore the operation of democracy in its attitude for the rule of law based on the conservatism. The focus of the study is not that the definition of the rule of law, but rather to explore what the attitude of the rule of law in the way of conservatism. This thesis, in addition to elaborate exposition of conservative thinkers, discussed further on the social contract theories, the democratic theories andthe constitutionalism to explore the concept ofthe rule of law.Furthermore, tocriticizethe concept of the rule of law in conservatism based on liberalism, socialism, and positivism.
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