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Title: 2010年台中市第一屆直轄市長選舉之研究—從派系視角分析之
Authors: 曲兆祥
Chu, Chao-hsiang
Lai Kuan-cheng
Keywords: 地方派系
local factions
Taichung merger
Taichung municipal mayoral elections
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 1949年以來,國民政府播遷來台,舉辦全國性地方選舉來,地方派系即逐漸壟斷與主宰地方經濟、政治等國家事務,進而干預中央權力的分配。在一黨獨大的威權時期,地方派系勢必與政治、經濟利益相結合才得以壯大。地方派系與國民黨之間,儼然是個生命共同體,彼此是相互依侍的關係。它對社會民主化的過程、轉型,固然有其重要性,但是其所衍生的社會問題、政治問題,卻是極為深遠,且值得分析研究的。在2010年台中縣、市正式合併升格為直轄市,台中市第一屆直轄市長選舉,對於國民黨台中縣地方派系紅、黑兩派的整合成功與否攸關著市長大選是否可以勝選,從原本台中縣地方派系的政治生態可觀察到,地方派系仍是具有相當的影響力,其中影響力的大小以及影響的程度如何,將於本文中會有重點論述。 關鍵詞:地方派系、台中縣市合併、台中直轄市長選舉
Since 1949, the Nationalist government moved to Taiwan to hold nationwide local elections, local factions increasingly monopolized and dominated the local economy, politics, national affairs, and thus interfere with the central power distribution. In the authoritarian one-party dominance of the period, local factions bound and political and economic interests combine was able to grow. Between local factions and the Kuomintang, just like a community of life, each other is mutual clientelist relationship. Its process of democratization of society, transformation, of course, has its importance, but its social problems, political problems, but it is far-reaching, and worthy of study. Taichung County in 2010, the city officially upgraded to a municipality merger, Taichung City mayoral election of the first municipalities, local factions in the KMT in Taichung County, red, black and the integration of the two factions a significant role in the success of the election if the mayor can win, from the original Taichung County, local factions in the political environment can be observed that local factions still has considerable influence, which influence the size and degree of impact will be discussed in this article will focus. 【Keywords】:local factions、Taichung merger、Taichung municipal mayoral elections
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