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Title: 自強運動(1861–1895)背景下中國的軍事現代化與李鴻章的影響
The Military Modernization of China during the Self Strengthening Movement (1861-1895) and Li Hong Zhang’s Impact
Authors: 王冠雄
Wang Guang Xiong
Ugur Rifat Karlova
Keywords: 軍事現代化
Military modernization
Li Hong Zhang
Opium War
Chinese Army
Ci Xi
Self- Strengthening Movement
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究作者關注於中國大陸現代化開始的起點。作者認為近代中國大陸的軍事現代化的起始於第一次鴉片戰爭。此次戰事的失敗啟發了中國政治家和學者們對於過去錯誤的省思。中國大陸藉由瞭解西方現代化的經驗開始著手研究學習西方國家的發明。故此中國的現代化時期起始於軍事方面。軍事現代化僅僅只是中國現代化的啟始階段而已,隨之其現代化的腳步蔓延至中國其他的面向。 這份研究包含了1861-1895年中中國現代化的進程。作者想點出中國與西方現代化勢力的第一次接觸和其造成之影響。 作者的關注的焦點人物是李鴻章,其生平事蹟和影響在中國軍事現代化時期具有關鍵重要性。 作者聚焦於中國許多不同面向且深入發掘其歷史。內容包含許多重大歷史事件、關鍵人物、叛亂、和中國當時的國際關係等,作者將該些事件以歷史編年順序呈現以幫助讀者瞭解此研究。為了瞭解中國的現代化歷史進程,作者相信鴉片戰爭和自強運動是很好的著手點。對於此時期的瞭解將有助於窺探中國現代歷史後續的事件和關鍵人物的發
The author of this study has an idea of starting point in China’s modernization period. The author considers the starting point of the Military Modernization in China’s modern history is First Opium War. The big defeat in the war led the Chinese politicians and scholars to think about the mistakes in the past. With the understanding of Modernization experience in the West, China has begun to research and get more information from the Western countries about their learning. As a result of that China’s modernization period started in military field at first. The military modernization was just the beginning phase of Modernization period in China. The Modernization period began with military and that showed its effects in other parts and institutions of China. This study covers the 1861-1895 years of China’s modernization steps. The author just wants to point out China’s first big encounter with the Western force and its effect on China. The author’s key figure is Li Hong Zhang, Li Hong Zhang’s life time, achievements and impact has a big importance in China’s military modernization period. The author focuses many different parts of the China and digs out different points from her history. The incidents, important key figures, rebellions, international relations of China and etc... The incidents were set up by author with an historical order and this makes the study fluent for readers. The author thinks that in order to understand China’s modern history, the Opium Wars and Self-Strengthening Movement would be the good starting points. The understanding of this period will open the doors of upcoming incidents and key figures in Chinese modern history.
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