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Title: WTO架構下兩岸經貿互動之研究
Study on the economic and trade development between Taiwan and China after joining the WTO
Authors: 曲兆祥教授
Chu, Chao-Hsiang Ph.D.
Chen, Shiao-Ping
Keywords: 新制度主義
New Institutionalisms
cross-Strait economic relations
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 兩岸分別在2001年底與2002年初正式成為WTO第143個會員與第144個會員,兩岸分別加入WTO後,使台灣與中國大陸的經濟更融入於世界經濟體系。在WTO架構下,各會員國都必須在WTO規範的制度下,進行所有的貿易活動,當然台灣與中國大陸也不例外,本研究主要以新制度主義中的理性選擇論分析在WTO架構下,兩岸貿易政策的轉變過程,與對兩岸經貿所產生的影響。 由於兩岸貿易往來逐漸頻繁,經常會產生貿易衝突,在未加入WTO前,兩岸因無適當的官方溝通管道,只能依賴民間單位加以協調,且中國大陸一向認為台灣是隸屬於中國大陸的一部分,並不認為台灣有對等的地位可與中國大陸協商,導致協調的結果往往不如欲期,在加入WTO後,兩岸可運用WTO爭端解決機制,讓台灣與中國大陸可在對等的地位下展開協調,對兩岸貿易將更有保障,本論文也將探討在運用爭端解決機制時兩岸的理性選擇。 兩岸經貿交流至今已有二十多年,彼此間的投資與貿易日與劇增,投資規模與金額也不斷的增加,經濟互賴的程度越來越緊密,但官方的溝通管道仍然欠缺,至今仍以民間交流互動為主,加入WTO後,兩岸越益密切的經貿互動是否能夠帶動政治上的互動,及尋求兩岸關係正常化的解決機制,也是眾人所期待之目標
China and Taiwan became the WTO 143rd member and the 144th member, after joined WTO, Taiwan and mainland China economy integrates in the world economic system. Under the WTO construction, all members must under the WTO standard system, carry on all trade activity. This thesis attempts to New Institutionalisms rational choice institutionalism under the WTO construction, Cross-Strait economic relations and trade policy transformation. Because Cross-Strait economic and trade relationship is more closely, to result in the trade conflict frequently. Before they did not joined WTO, cross-Strait only can rely on the civil interaction organization. As a result of China always thought that Taiwan will be subordinates in a mainland China part, did not think Taiwan have the coordinated status can consult with China. After joined WTO, cross-Strait can used the WTO Dispute Settlement Body that will let Taiwan and China can negotiation in balance status. Cross-Strait economics and trade interaction has more than 20 years, the investment and the trade date was more increase, the investment scale and amount also unceasing increase. Cross-Strait economics is getting more and more close. But the official communication channel was still not smooth, until now Cross-Strait still to rely on civil exchanges. People will look forward after joined WTO, Cross-Strait political interaction will how to develop and how to seek the normalization the solution mechanism.
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