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Title: 中央與地方府際管理之分析-以澎湖設置博弈事業政策為例
The analysis of Intergovernmental Relations between the Central and the Local Governments-The case of Developing Casino Industry Policy in Penghu
Authors: 紀俊臣
Keywords: 觀光博弈產業
tourist Casino Industry
intergovernmental relations
intergovernmental management
policy network
collaborative Governance
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 府際管理是近年來國內學術界新興的研究議題,隨著政策議題的不同,其中所牽涉的政府層級、數量,和機關涉入程度也不一樣,目的在透過府際協調機制的運作,以確保政策目的的達成。 在澎湖設置觀光博弈事業政策爭議中,主要參與者大至可分為中央政府、地方政府、立法委員、地方民意代表、國內企業或廠商、國際外商集團、學者與研究單位、一般社會大眾等等,各利害關係人立場的不同,將影響澎湖觀光賭場日後走向。而本研究聚焦於離島發展觀光博弈事業的政策之上,中央政府與地方政府彼此職權不乏重疊之處,主要是我國地方政府並未實際擁有完整而獨立權限來推動各項施政。再者地方政府也並非受制於中央,蓋中央立法或規劃之政策,尚須地方政府配合執行,否則難有成效。 本文利用府際關係管理、協力合作的相關理論探討有關中央政府、地方政府權限的爭議,在相關法律和制度限制下,尋求中央與地方府際合作的途徑,並輔以澎湖發展觀光博弈歷程之個案檢視,觀察政策網絡中各成員間之交互作用,結合不同的偏好與目標,就中央的政策面與地方的執行面相互配合,透過法定程序來完成博弈政策協議過程與未來發展方向。
Intergovernmental management is an emerging issue on the research agenda for Taiwan’s academic community. Considering different policy issues, the level and the number of government agencies involved are different, and their degree of involvement also varies accordingly. For individual policy, it requires mechanism for intergovernmental co-ordinations so that policy objectives can be achieved. In the depute of developing gaming industry in Penghu that involved with the central government, local government, legislators, domestic factory, overseas enterprise, scholars, study institutions and common people etc.. Every members stand for different positions. These factors will affect the direction of developing gaming industry in Penghu. Therefore, this study attempts to focus on the policy that Penghu plans to develop the tourist gaming industry. It includes that the duties of governments were not defined clearly and the mechanisms of governmental monitoring were not operated properly, autonomy of local government, and conflict-settlement mechanism. This report is base on the intergovernmental management and the collaborative governance as the analysis model to discuss the dispute between the central and local government. The paper will treat a case of developing casino industry in Penghu. Observing the members interact in the policy network, combining different preference and object. Finally governments through the legal procedure to complete the agreement process and operation program of the gaming policy.
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