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Title: 從多層次憲政主義思維論歐盟憲法
A Study of Multilevel Constitutionalism in the "Treaty in Establishing a Constitution for Europe"
Authors: 紀俊臣
Chun-Chen Chi
Chiu-Tung Chen
Keywords: 多層次憲政主義
multilevel constitutionalism
multi-level governance
constitutional sovereignty building
Treaty in Establishing a Constitution for Europe
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究的目的,在研究歐洲統合動態發展過程,衍生的新型態治理結構所產生的多層次憲政主義。在界定歐洲聯盟與歐洲共同體統合進程為一憲政主權建造的基礎上,藉由2004年歐盟憲法,比較過去歐洲統合條約,檢視變革,討論多層次憲政主義思維的發展與應用,作為理解歐洲統合持續動態發展過程的特徵與影響;解釋此一屬於二層次或多層次,即次國家、國家、超國家和跨國家間的憲政發展關係,討論多層次憲政主義思維的理論發展,並檢視多層次憲政主義,在全球國際關係、國際法發展產生的可能影響。
This study aims to focus on “Multilevel Constitutionalism,” which derived from the special model of governance in a process of dynamic development of European integration. In the basis of defining the European Union and European community are constitutional sovereignties. This thesis tries to explain Multilevel Constitutionalism’s development and application with the “Treaty in Establishing a Constitution for Europe” and changes in several integration treaties, and explain political constitutionalism developments across two, or more than two levels. Furthermore, this thesis tries to collect the possible influences of Multilevel Constitutionalism in the area of international relation and international law.
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