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Title: 政府委外經營政策形成與執行作為之研究-以高速公路ETC案為例
A Study on the Policy Formulation and Implementation in the Contracting out Policy-The Case of Electronic Toll Collection
Authors: 紀俊臣
Sheu, Bao-Jin
Keywords: 政策制定過程
policy making process
contracting out
private participation in infrastructure
electronic toll collection
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 行政部門藉由委外經營,將提供部份或全部商品或服務的工作交給私部門,調整政府的角色與職能,期望結合民間資源,減少政府的控制,其目的在使公共政策與服務更有效率與品質。然而,台灣委外經營政策往往僅考量影響民間投資意願的因素,並預設政府部門的決策過程為全然的理性,沒有顧及外經營過程中各個行為者與制度環境互動可能產生的問題,非但不能彰顯委外經營的優點,反將造成新的爭議。本研究透過公共政策制定過程觀點以及委外經營相關理論,嘗試瞭解政府推動民間參與公共建設之目的;並且參酌國外經驗,分析我國國道電子收費系統為何形成,以及如何被執行,研究發現:第一、ETC委外經營過程中的誘因不夠充足;第二、委外經營機制必須確保政策的透明度;第三、決策者忽略其他參與者對政策的影響;第四、行政與立法部門在政策過程中缺乏相互配合與誠信。政府在規劃委外經營政策時,必須對政策有一定程度之認識,充分理解並應用委外經營機制;注重政府部門、民間企業、公眾的結構關係,擬定配套措施,建立參與和監督機制,促使政治系統本身的結構與運作產生變化,才能真正達成推動民間參與公共建設的目標。
In order to coordinate the resources of private sectors and reduce control of government, executives adjust its roles by transferring functions to privacy sector to making public policy and services more efficient and raising the quality. However, if we only consider the investment desire of private sector, or assume the decision-making process totally rational, don’t take the problems about the interaction of behaviors and institutional environment into consideration, not only couldn’t manifest the excellences of contracting out, but cause new disputes. This research tries to understand the purposes of government to encourage private participation in infrastructure through the perspective of policymaking procession and contracting-out related theories; this paper also gathers related foreign experiences to analyze the case of Taiwan’s Electronic Toll Collection about why ETC policy was formed, and how it is executed, research found that: 1. The inducement isn’t enough in the process of contracting out. 2. Ensure the policies transparency of contracting out mechanism. 3. Decision makers ignore the importance of co-governance. 4. Participant lack for coordination and trustworthiness. While government makes a plan of contracting out, it is necessary to pay attention to the structural relation with private sector and community, draft supplementary measures to accelerate the change with the structure and operation on politic system itself, include general cognition, common consensus for policy, rules for participation and supervision to achievement of the goal of private participation in infrastructure.
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