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Title: 歐巴馬政府再平衡戰略與美日安保的強化
he Obama administration’s “Rebalancing” Toward Asia-The strengthening of U.S.-Japan alliance
Authors: 曲兆祥
Qu, Zhao-Xiang
Lin, Jheng-Nan
Keywords: 美國重返亞洲
The U.S. back to Asia
Treaty of Security and Safeguard Between Japan and United States
U.S.-Japan Alliance
Diaoyu islands
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 後冷戰時期,亞太地區是目前全球經濟成長最迅速的地區,蘇聯瓦解後的權利真空,也導致亞太地區的權力平衡出現變化。由於中國的崛起,加上美國自身經濟的衰退,美國採取了重返亞洲的戰略,也就是「再平衡」戰略,來挽救在亞太地區逐漸消退的影響力。也因為中國的崛起,日本感受到來自中國的威脅認知,因此採取強化國防與深化美日關係來平衡中國的崛起。 日本身為美國在亞太地區最重要的盟友,美日同盟與其核心「美日安保條約」更是美國用以介入亞太地區的重要工具,隨著美國推出「再平衡」戰略,日本的國防戰略圍繞著美日安保的強化而建構。本文即為探討美國的再平衡戰略與美日安保強化之間的關係。
Because the raising of China and the recession of Economic of the U.S., the U.S. adopted the "rebalancing" toward Asia to restore the influence about the Asia-Pacific region. Japan increased the defense and strengthening of U.S.-Japan alliance because feeling the threat from the Raising of China. Japan is the most important ally of the U.S. in the Aisa-Pacific region, the alliance and the core "Treaty of Security and Safeguard Between Japan and United States" is the important way for the U.S. to intervene in the region. Japan's defense is increasing with the U.S. strategy "rebalancing" and the strengthening of U.S.-Japan alliance. The purpose of this research is to investigate the connection between the U.S. "rebalancing" strategy and the increasing of U.S.-Japan alliance.
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