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Title: 花蓮縣高中職學校法治教育實施現況之研究
A Study on the Current Implementation of Law-related Education in Senior and Vocational High Schools in Hualien.
Authors: 許文傑
Hsu, Wen-Chieh
Li, Pei-Chen
Keywords: 法治教育
law-related education
senior and vocational high school
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在研究花蓮縣高中職法治教育之實施現況,目的在瞭解法治教育顯著課程及潛在課程之實施現況及其影響。本研究以深度訪談法,對花蓮縣六所高中職之公民及法律教師、軍訓教官、學務處訓育組長共計九位教育人員,進行深度訪談並輔以觀察蒐集資料以進行研究,探討內涵包含:法治教育理念及認知、法治教育課綱及教材、教學活動及評量,以及法治教育實施影響及其困境,並針對問題提出建議及策略。 本研究經由第一線法治教育工作者的訪談中,發現在教學實務上存在不少問題,綜合歸納如下: 一、 99課綱教材過於繁多艱難,學生因城鄉差距先備知識不足。 二、 高職法治教育教材去除階級化,但課程學分不足。 三、 潛在課程之重視程度因學校風氣及校長領導風格而有所不同。 四、 良好的人文課程及校園風氣有助於法治教育之推行。 五、 法治教育應結合品德教育,落實於生活教育。 最後,根據研究發現與研究結論,就法治教育之實施政策及課程以及後續研究提出建議,包括負責課程規劃的教育主管機關,實施法治教育的學校行政單位與教師等,希望以上建議能有助於法治教育的落實與問題之改善。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the current implementation and effects of formal and informal law-related education curriculum among senior and vocational high schools in Hualien. In this study, in-depth interviews and observations were used to collect data, and nine educators from six senior and vocational high schools in Hualien, including teachers of law and civic curriculum, military instructors and section chiefs of student activities, were interviewed. The study focused on several aspects: concepts and perceptions of law-related education, curriculum guidelines and teaching materials for law-related education, teaching activities and classroom assessment, and impact and dilemma of law-related education. Through the interviews with the frontline law-related educators, many problems in instructional practices were discovered and several findings were concluded as follows: 1. 2010 curriculum framework and materials were too complicated and many students were lacking in prior knowledge due to urban-rural disparities. 2. De-levelization was found in law-related education materials in vocational schools, but related course credits were inadequate. 3. Different school cultures and principals' leadership styles resulted in different degrees of attention to the latent curriculum. 4. Good humanities courses and school cultures contributed to the implementation of law-related education. 5. Law-related education should be integrated with moral education and practiced in life education. With regard to the implementation, curriculum and future studies of law-related education, this study finally made some suggestions based on the findings and conclusions to advise education departments that are responsible for curriculum planning, and administrative units and teachers who implement law-related education. Hopefully, the above-mentioned suggestions can be beneficial for the implementation and improvements of law-related education.
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