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Title: 阿美族原住民政治參與之研究-以花蓮縣光復鄉為例
A Case Study on Political Participation of the Amis Aborigines, Guangfu Township of Hualien County
Authors: 曲兆祥
Chu, Chao-Hsiang
Keywords: 阿美族
indigenous peoples
political participation
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 台灣原住民族中,阿美族是人口數最多的一族,本研究範圍花蓮縣光復鄉為群居比例次高鄉鎮。阿美族原住民除擁有獨特的社會制度與豐富的文化藝術外,亦存在著一套精緻的傳統政治制度-領袖制度與年齡組織。本文旨在研究光復鄉阿美族原住民政治參與的歷史發展、內在環境、外在環境三層面的變遷過程,析論部落傳統政治制度、政治文化與政黨對政治參與產生之影響。本文採用歷史分析、文獻分析、深度訪談、參與觀察等研究方法,著眼點側重歷史演進、現況分析與未來思考方向,儘可能涵蓋光復鄉傳統與現代之政治參與發展的相關議題。其章節內容安排共分六章,各章節內容摘要如下: 第一章為「緒論」,在闡述本文的研究動機、目的、途徑與方法、範圍。第二章為「理論分析與文獻探討」,針對國內外學者的政治參與理論歸納出本研究之理論基礎,並檢視國內現有之原住民政治參與文獻資料。第三章是「阿美族原住民政治參與之歷史經驗」,探究光復鄉阿美族原住民部落,從日治時期以前,直至解除戒嚴後迄今,其政治參與之歷史發展與變遷。第四章是「阿美族原住民政治參與之內在環境」,在探討光復鄉傳統政治制度、政治文化與政治參與之現況。第五章是「阿美族原住民政治參與之外在環境」,主要在探討光復鄉政黨政治發展,以及國民黨、民進黨之發展歷程、政黨運作與現況問題分析。第六章係「結論」,歸納前述各章之論述提出研究發現,並對未來研究之展望提出建議。
Among the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan, the Amis has the most-population, and Guangfu Township, Hualien County,Taiwan, in this research scope is the secondly highest township based on the Amis gregarious ratio. The Amis owns not only their typical social systems and abundant cultural art, but also a set of refined traditional political systems which are leadership regime and age-set. The objective of this thesis is to explore the evolution of the Amis in Guangfu Township of Hualien County in terms of the historical development of political participation, its internal and external environment, and to analyze the influence of traditional politics, political culture and party government on political participation. This thesis employs a few research methods such as historical research, literature analysis, in-depth interviewing and participant observation to focus on the historical evolvement, present-day analysis and future way of thinking, and includes the questions about the traditional and modern development of political participation in Guangfu Township as best as it can. There are six chapters in this thesis, and the abstract of each chapter is as follows: Chapter Ⅰ is an introduction, discussing the research motivation of this thesis, the research objective, the research approach and method, and the research scope. Chapter Ⅱ, the Theory Analysis and Literature Review, summarizes the theory basis of this research from the political participation theory of domestic and foreign scholars, and examines the domestic literature of aboriginal political participation. Chapter Ⅲ focuses on the Amis historical experience of the political participation, with an aim to understand the historical development and change of the Guangfu Township Amis tribe’s participation in politics all the way from the Japanese Occupancy Period through the time when the martial restriction was released in Taiwan up to date. Chapter Ⅳ, the Internal Environment of the Development of the Amis Political Participation, investigates the traditional political system, political culture and the present-day participation in politics. Chapter Ⅴ relates to the external environment of the Amis political participation, mainly exploring the development of party government, developing progress and defect analysis of KMT and DPP. Chapter Ⅵ is the conclusion which summarizes the chapters mentioned above and presents the research findings. In the meantime, it proposes the suggestions based on the future research prospect.
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