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Title: 在台藏胞子女學校適應之個案研究—以桃園縣三位國中生為例
A Case Study of The School Adjustments of 3 Tibetans' Children in Taoyuan County,Taiwan.
Authors: 黃城 博士
Huang Ch'eng Ph.D.
Chien-Tzung Wei
Keywords: 在台藏胞
Tibet compatriot in Taiwan
School adjustments
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 論文摘要: 本研究是以桃園縣一所國中三位在台藏胞子女為主要的研究參與者。藉由質性研究中的參與觀察、深度訪談與文件分析等方式,就在台藏胞子女個人心理適應、人際關係適應及課業學習適應等相關因素深入瞭解在台藏胞子女學校適應之情形。 本研究獲致的研究發現如下: 1.在台藏胞子女來台後個體動機和需求得到更多的滿足,而對學校產生歸屬感。 2.在台藏胞子女對自己是本國人或是外國人的自我概念常有混淆情形。 3.在台藏胞子女情緒表達深受父親管教態度影響。 4.在台藏胞子女師生互動屬被動模式。 5.學校大部分老師不知道有在台藏胞子女學童的存在。 6.教師期望與上課方式影響學生的表現。 7.在台藏胞子女與同儕互動沒有族群問題。 8.中文程度是造成在台藏胞子女學業成績低落的主因。 9.家庭社經地位低落亦是在台藏胞子女學業成績低落的重要因素。 10.在台藏胞子女均有明確的升學目標。 本研究最後依據研究發現提出若干建議,以供教育相關單位、學校教師及在台藏胞子女之家長在面對子女教育問題上之參考。 【關鍵字】在台藏胞、學校適應
Abstract : This research focuses on the school adjustments of the 3 Tibetans' Children at junior high school in Taoyuan County. Case study method included observation of participation,deep interview, and document analysis to find out the adaptation situations of the Tibetans' children in three aspects: psychological adjustments, society adjustments and curricular learning adjustments. Results obtained in this study are as follow : 1.The individual motive and the demand for the Tibetans' children in Taiwan is more satisfying, then they have the ownership feeling to the school. 2.The Tibetans' children in Taiwan is always confusing native people with foreign people. 3.Expressive mood of the Tibetans' children is deeply influenced by the discipline method of their parent. 4.The interaction between the teachers and the Tibetans' children is tend to be passive. 5.Most teachers did not know the Tibetans' children in their school. 6.The Tibetans' children performance is affected by the teacher education expected and teaching methods. 7.The race predudice doesn’t directly influence the interaction between the Tibetans' children and their peers. 8.The main factor of the Tibetans' children academic achievement low is caused by Chinese degree. 9.The social and economic disadvantage is the important factor of the curricular learning adjustment of the Tibetans' children. 10.It is clear to the Tibetans' children that will study in a high school. Recommendations were made in accordance with the study conclusions to provide references to relevant organizations, school teachers and parents of the Tibetans' children when questions of their education are encountered. 【Keywords】Tibet compatriot in Taiwan、School adjustments
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