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Title: 我國中小學階段學生個人資料保護之研究
Authors: 陳文政
Keywords: 個人資料保護
personal data protection
informational self-determination
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本文旨在研究我國中小學階段學生個人資料保護,以文獻分析法及比較法探討個人資料的相關概念及其資訊自決權、隱私權基礎,並說明兩者與個人資料保護的關係。接下來,說明我國在個人資料保護之法制規範,續以介紹美國「家庭教育權利和隱私法」(Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA)規制,作為我國學生個人資料保護之參考。另一方面,分析我國目前學生個人資料蒐集、利用的政策與辦法,以說明個人資料保護之現況與侵害,並嘗試比較校務E化前後之影響。最後,以個人資料保護原則及美國FERPA規制,檢視我國現行學生個人資料保護制度與規範,並提出檢討與建議。 本文認為,學生個人資料應受良好之保護,中小學階段學生之家長應擁有其子弟之教育紀錄及可資識別個人資料之控制權,而學校亦應有相對應之具體政策。而我國學生個人資料保護正面臨校務E化、保護規範無整體規劃及遭到學校誤用或濫用等危機,以個人資料保護原則及美國FERPA規制來檢視相關規範亦可發現現行規範的疏漏與不足。 據此,本文建議教育主管機關方面,應訂立學生個資保護之相關準則,另一方面,正視校務E化之挑戰並加強教師對個資保護之認知;對學校單位而言,應說明學校在個資保護的作法並徵求同意並妥善保管並維護學生個資之安全;對教育工作人員而言,應避免向無正當教育權益之第三者揭露學生敏感個資,在進行學生紀錄時應正確、具體及恰當;上述建議之達成,將可避免學生教育紀錄不當揭露之困擾及其引發詐騙、身分盜用等社會問題。 關鍵字:個人資料保護、資訊自決權、隱私權、校務E化、家庭教育權利和隱私法
The thesis presents a study on personal data protection of elementary and secondary students. Literature analytic and comparative methods are utilized as foundation in this analysis to discuss the concept and the relationship on personal data with the fundamental basis of the right to information self determination and privacy. Furthermore, the content specifies the personal data protection in the national legislation, and introduces an important reference from the U. S. federal law-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). On the other hand, the current situation and invasions of student personal data are explained by analyzing the collection and use of student education records policy and method, and it also confers on the consequences of E-school. Finally, according to the principles of data protection and FERPA standards, reviewing and recommendations can be made and proposed for inspection the regulations and norms of student’s data protection. In the thesis, that is vital to secure students education records properly. Parents possess the domination of children’s education records and personally identifiable information at elementary and secondary education stage, whereas the school should make specific policies for it. Nonetheless, data protections of student in Taiwan are faced with some crisis such as consequences of E-school, no overall planning and misuse or abuse, this omissions and deficiencies as well as can be evidenced by viewing of the principles and FERPA standards. This thesis recommends that education authorities should make separate and integrity of student-funded protection guidelines. On the other hand, the challenge of E-school and strengthen teacher’s cognitive of personal data protection. Regarding of school unit, it is necessary to explain the policy of personal data protection and maintain its security. For educators, should not reveal sensitive students’ data to third party who has no legitimate educational interest, and all the records should be correct, appropriate and concrete. If the matters can be completed over, it could be avoid that education records were improperly disclosed that would lead to fraud, identity theft or other social issues.
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