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Title: 彰化縣高職生政治社會化與國家認同之研究-以國立高職三年級生為例
Authors: 王定村
Keywords: 高職生
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究在探討高職生不同的「政治社會化」媒介對於高職生的國家認 同傾向?在台灣社會中,大多數人對國家認同態度的混淆情形相當嚴重, 影響國家認同態度的來源可能來自多方面如個人背景因素(如省籍、支持的 政黨、父母親支持政黨等),以及社會化管道因素(家庭、學校、教材、同儕、傳媒)等等。本研究循歷史探源方式,採文獻分析法探討政治社會化之理論及國家認同之類型,再以問卷調查法,選定彰化縣國立高職三年級學生已上過社會概論科目為對象,彰化地區,共有9所國立高職在社會概論科目中教授台灣史地及世界文化史,而沒有教授中國史地,每校抽取兩班做測試對象,先抽取學生658名為受試者,實際統計樣本為644份,母群體與樣本比例為10.89%,探討被取樣的學生,在國家認同傾向上的差異,以及這些差異與社會化機構的關係。
The research is aimed at the investigation into influence of different media of “political socialization” on the vocational school students’ affinity for the different national identities. It is a big and serious problem that most people in Taiwanese society are confused with their own national identities; the factors that affect the attitude toward their affinity for different national identities are probably various suchas personal background (i.e. the province of birth, the party he/she supports, the party his/her parents support and so forth); and social communications (i.e. family, schools, materials, peers or fellows, and the media). The research uses the history-probing method; it analyzes the literature about the theory of political socialization and the mode of national identity and it is conducted by questionnaires, whose subjects are seniors in nine public vocational high schools, which is all in Changhua County, due to the fact that there are merely nine national vocational schools teach the subject like Taiwan History and Geography or World History. The subjects are chosen by the criteria that they learned a subject, Introduction to Society, before. As to the students who have never learned China History and Geography at school, each school has two classes of students drawn as subjects. There are 658 subjects in the experiment and the number of the samples used is 644. The percentage of the matrix over the samples is 10.89%. All the data is used to investigate the subjects into the difference of the affinity for national identities and the relation between this difference and the social media.
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