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Title: 高中公民領域教材中「國家認同」變遷之研究—1995年至2008年為主
A Study on the Changing of “National Identity” in Senior High School Civic Education Curriculums—Focusing from 1995 to 2008
Authors: 陳延輝博士
Keywords: 國家認同
National Identity
Civic Education
Citizens and Society
Ordinary Senior High School Course Standards
Civic Education Curriculums
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 臺灣社會一直存在著國家認同的衝突,1987年解嚴之後,衝突不僅沒有隨著民主化趨緩,反而變本加厲成為臺灣社會不安的嚴重因素;影響所及,連教育現場都不免捲入其中。 解嚴前,官方的中國意識融入公民領域教材,一直主導著臺灣國家認同教育的形塑力量;解嚴後,隨著民主化運動的開展,臺灣逐漸轉型、甚至鞏固成為憲政民主國家,公民教育也隨著這時代的脈動,與時俱進地調整教育功能,國家認同內涵亦從中國意識漸次走向臺灣意識。本論文選取自1983年、1995年以迄2005年,三套包括威權統治、民主轉型與民主鞏固等不同時期,修訂之課程標準(綱要)及教材,針對其內容的變遷,加以比較、分析,從而在研究過程中,歸納得到公民教材往民主公民教育邁進的時代趨勢;這趨勢的發展,同時也導引一個國家認同的新理念—以臺灣主體意識為價值的認同觀點,正在逐步肇建之中;九五暫綱整併後的公民與社會科,正是這肇建工程的礎石,順應著此般發展,期盼能統合出一套符合現況的、單一的新臺灣認同國家圖像與願景,並供將於2010年全面施行的高中新課綱,編纂公民與社會科教材時,參酌融入課程中,開創營造國家認同共識的新契機。 教育力量的改造與內化,才是真正深入人心,化解國家認同衝突、凝聚國民國家共識的最佳途徑。
The society of Taiwan has always had conflicts of national identity. After lifting the curfew in 1987, the conflict has not eased off with democratization, but worsened to become a serious factor to cause instability. The influence is that even educational field is unavoidably involved in among them. Before lifting the curfew, official China consciousness was incorporated in civic education curriculums, and had led the molding strength of national identity since then. After lifting the curfew, Taiwan consolidates the democratic state of constitutional government progressively with the democratizing movements. Civic education also adjusts its functions with this movements, and the intention of national identity in civic education also moves from China consciousness towards Taiwan consciousness gradually. The materials in the thesis were chosen since 1983, 1995, up to 2005, which includes three sets of course standards and curriculums that were revised in different periods of authoritarian, democracy transition, and democracy consolidation. The three sets are compared and analyzed, and a conclusion which appears civic education orients forwards democracy education trend is found during the research process. The trend also leads a new concept of national identity out: a new subjective Taiwan identity is being built progressively. The subject “citizens and society”, which is combined with three courses, in the temporary standard in 2005 is just the foundation of the identity-building construction. Keeping this development, we expect to integrate a single imagining of new Taiwan identity that fits the present situation, and to give a suggestion to the edition of the curriculums in the new ordinary senior high school course standards which will be implemented in 2010 to build a whole new Taiwan national identity The transformation and internalization of educational strength is the best way to root in hearts of the people. It dissolves the conflict and condenses new country’s common understandings.
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