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Title: 雙邊陲依賴下的蒙古國家發展(1990-2007)
Authors: 黃 城 博士
Keywords: 蒙古
dependency theory
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 蒙古是亞洲第一個共黨統治的國家,也是蘇聯解體後,跟隨第三波民主化浪潮,成為民主化國家。在經濟改革和政治改革齊頭並進下的所謂「震盪療法(shock therapy)」,通過新憲法,十幾年的民主道路雖遭逢經濟起伏,但始終堅持走民主政治的路線,當然,以西方的標準而言,或許仍是帶有俄式風格的民主,保有自己的民族特色。在成為世界第五大經濟援助國,卻又因礦產能源蘊藏豐富,成為美國紐約時報所謂的「新黃金帝國」。 本研究以依賴理論的觀點,探討蒙古為何會陷入依賴困境,並且淪為雙邊陲。並試圖以此理論途徑,討論蒙古政府走出依賴的相關作為,並加以討論,提出政策建議。 如何將蒙古因礦業發展所帶來的經濟成長,切實反映到人民生活的改善,掃除貧窮,不僅是世界銀行「千年發展目標」的任務,也是蒙古政府及人民最關心的願景與社會政策。本文從前幾章對蒙古發展因為俄羅斯與中國雙邊陲的形成,造成其經濟上或多或少受到依賴理論的制約。如何擺脫依賴,建構自主及自強的國家發展道路,是值得加以探討的。 關鍵字:蒙古、依賴理論、核心/邊陲
Mongolia is Asia's first country ruled by the communist, but also after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and follow the Third Wave democratization, become democratic countries. In the economic and political reforms go hand in hand, the so-called "shock therapy ", adopted a new constitution, more than ten years of democracy, although the road to sustain economic ups and downs, but always stick to the road of democratic politics, of course, in the western standards, perhaps still a Russian-style democracy and keep its own national characteristics. Becoming the world's fifth largest economy in the donor countries, but due to the energy-rich mineral, to become New York Times so-called “New Gold Empire”. In this study, the views of dependency theory to explore why Mongolia get into the dependence plight, and become a bilateral frontier. And attempts to theoretical discuss the Government of Mongolia acts to way out of dependent, and put forward policy recommendations. How will the development of Mongolia's mining industry brought about by economic growth, and effectively reflected in the improvement of people's lives, to wipe out poverty, not only the World Bank, "Millennium Development Goals”, and is also the Government of Mongolia and the people most concerned about the vision and social policy. In this paper, from the previous chapter, the development of Mongolia as Russia and China form a double border, resulting in a greater or lesser extent by its economic dependence on the theory of constraints. How to get rid of dependence, autonomy and self-reliant of the country's development path is worth exploring. Key words: Mongolia, dependency theory, core/frontier
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