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Titel: 我國中小學教師分級制度之研究
A Study on The Career Ladder Programs of The Teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools in Taiwan
Autoren: 陳文政博士
Wen Cheng Chen Ph. D
Huey-wan Tseng
Stichwörter: 教師分級
career ladder program of the teacher
teacher appraisal
advanced study for teachers
lifelong learning
Erscheinungsdatum: 2009
Zusammenfassung: 師資的良窳影響教育成敗至深且鉅,目前我國中小學存在如何促進教師專業成長,並提昇教學品質等問題,這些問題不但對教師本身成長造成影響,亦對學子的受教權造成傷害。近來,我國「高級中等以下學校及幼稚園教師分級審定辦法」(草案)已規劃未來我國教師將分為四級,若此法案經立法院通過,將使我國教師的專業地位與社會地位產生重大的改變,學校生態與權力分配亦將受到衝撃。而中小學教師分級制度的實施不論從國內教育現況與國際間的發展態勢來看,均是必然的趨勢。 本研究主要目的為: 一、探討我國推動教師分級制度之學理基礎。 二、瞭解已率先實施教師分級制度之國家其分級機制與啟示 三、對我國預擬中之教師分級制度草案分析。 四、研提對我國教師分級制度法令及實施之建議。 本研究透過文獻分析法與比較研究法,比較已率先實施教師分級制度國家的分級制度與我國預擬中的教師分級制度,以及介紹我國未來實施模式與釐清可能遭遇到的問題。最後獲得結論如下: 一、我國中小學教師分級制度確依循學理作為設計基礎。 二、概述已率先實施教師分級制度之美、英、日、中等國現行制度及其優劣。 三、預擬中之教師分級制度存在若干盲點。 基於上述研究結果,本研究分三部份提出建議: 一、對教育主管機關之建議。 二、對草案內容修正之建議。 三、對未來相關研究之建議。
Abstract Teachers’ qualification affects the success or failure of education. In Taiwan, the most important issues for both elementary and secondary schools would be how to encourage teachers to improve their teaching professional and quality which also cause considerable influences on teachers’ self-development and students’ right to education. In the draft of ‘Regulations for formulating Career Ladder Program of Teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools, and Preschools’, teachers are classified into four categories. If the draft is enacted by the Legislative Yuan, teachers’ statuses in society and professional field will be varied as well as the school structure and power distribution will be smashed. However, the career ladder program is an inevitable trend in domestic educational circumstance yet. Accordingly, this study aims at following objects: To probe in the basic theories of the career ladder program. To understand and learn from the career ladder programs of advanced countries. To analyze the career ladder program in Taiwan. To explore the possible responses when the career ladder program takes effect. Through analysis of pertinent literature and comparative method, this study compares the career ladder programs of advanced countries with of Taiwan and then discusses and clarifies some possible problems that may encounter after the program carries on. Afterwards, we get conclusions as: first, the career ladder program for high school teachers has its rationales and second, the program that the Ministry of Education has drawn up has some blind spots. In addition, in view of the mentioned research results, various recommendations are proposed for reference by education authorities in their promotion of further policies as well as suggestions for follow-up researches.
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