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Title: 北北基三縣市合併案之研究
Authors: 黃人傑
Lai Cheng Yu
Keywords: 縣市合併
County-city Consolidation
Taipei City / Taipei County / Keelung City
Consolidation of administrative districts
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 摘 要 在地理區位上而言,臺北市、臺北縣與基隆市三地是一個相當完整的地理行政區,從該地區居民的來往互動,可見之間的交流頻繁。今日這三個行政區各扮演著不同功能,相互支援經濟發展與建設,成為一個獨立的發展的都會區域。該區原是一個完整的行政區域,後因希望精華區能來帶動週邊地帶的經濟發展,而將臺北市、基隆市劃分出去,以致形成今日該區分屬為三個縣市政府狀態。 在臺灣地理區劃歷史中,將近50餘年未有太大變化,在全球化的潮流之下,為使國家能統合運用區域內經濟資源,並解決跨區域合作事務問題,地方行政機關與學者即著手研究臺北市、臺北縣與基隆市三個縣市行政區域合併計畫,期以北部三縣市能整合成一行政區,以解決區域重整及跨域治理等問題,進而匯聚成足夠經濟能量,產生卓越的經濟力,期能在國際上佔有競爭優勢。 本文藉由文獻分析、參考美、日所運用之理論與實際經驗,並透過與該三地區行政、立法機關人員及學者專家深度訪談,試圖獲得他們想法,藉以探究及研擬適用於未來所能接受的大臺北都會市的組織架構方式。
In geography, Taipei City, Taipei County and Keelung City are altogether a very complete administrative district. We can see how close they are by observing the interaction between people of these three cities. At present, these three districts play different roles to support economic development and construction to each other. They become an independent and developing metropolitan area. This area was a complete administrative district originally. In order to promote economic development of neighboring areas, this area was being divided into three independent municipalities. In the history of Taiwan geographic area allocation, there have been no large changes in recent 50 years. In the trend of globalization, government wish to integrate with all economic resources in this area and resolve problems of intersection cooperation. As a result, local administration and scholars start to study the plan of consolidation of Taipei City, Taipei County and Keelung City. They hope this consolidation can resolve some problems such as districts restructuring and cross-region management then make this area more energetic and powerful in economy and have more competitivenesses in the international society. This essay referred to analysis of some records, theory and experience of United States and Japan, and interviewed with local public officers, legislators, experts and scholars to know their thoughts. By doing these, we can find out and establish the best organization and structure of Taipei-Keelung metropolitan area.
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