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Title: 人事人員角色壓力、工作滿足與組織承諾關係之研究─以中央行政機關為例
Research of the Relationship among Personnel Staff’s Role Stress, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study in Central Administrative Authorities
Authors: 黃人傑
Huang Jen-Chieh
Kuo Su-Ching
Keywords: 中央行政機關
central administrative authority
personnel staff
role stress
job satisfaction
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討人事人員角色壓力、工作滿足與組織承諾的實際情形,及其彼此之間之相關性,並以中央行政機關人事人員為例。為達成研究目的,除探討相關文獻外,並以問卷調查及深度訪談兩種方法進行研究,藉以獲得實際資料,並驗證研究假設及解釋調查結果。 本研究以行政院所屬中央行政機關人事人員1,669人為研究對象,並以隨機抽樣方法,發出600份問卷,回收有效問卷397份,有效樣本回收率為66.17%,抽樣誤差為正負4.3%,所得資料以SPSS 12.0統計分析,研究結果顯示: 一、人事人員具中度偏高的角色壓力、工作滿足及組織承諾,在角色壓力方面,對量的角色過度負荷及角色衝突感受壓力程度較大;在工作滿足方面,對工作環境及工作本身滿足感較高;在組織承諾方面,對服務機關組織承諾高於對人事機構組織承諾。 二、在個人屬性方面,女性、未婚、低學歷、低年齡、低年資及低官等者角色壓力感受程度較高;男性、已婚、高年齡、高年資、高職位及高官等者,工作滿足感較高;男性、已婚者對人事機構組織承諾較高;男性、已婚、高年齡、高年資、高官等者對服務機關組織承諾較高。至於在組織特性方面,除機關規模及所轄機關數對整體角色壓力、量及質的角色過度負荷及薪資福利有顯著影響,機關層級對工作環境、升遷考核有顯著影響外,其他關連性不大。 三、人事人員角色壓力愈大,則工作滿足愈低,對人事機構及對服務機關組織承諾亦愈低;工作滿足愈高,則對人事機構及對服務機關組織承諾愈高,而且工作滿足對角色壓力與組織承諾具有中介效果。 四、在個人屬性、角色壓力及工作滿足各面向中,以角色模糊、質的角色過度負荷、升遷考核、工作本身、薪資福利對人事機構組織承諾最具預測力;婚姻、官等、角色模糊、角色衝突、工作環境、工作本身、薪資福利,對服務機關組織承諾最具預測力。 最後,依據研究所獲結果,分別對人事主管機關、服務機關、人事人員及後續研究者提出相關建議如下: 一、對人事主管機關之建議:改革人事一條鞭制度、修正人事管理條例、檢討人事主管職期輪調期限、制定人事政策應務實可行、策略性人力資源管理措施應予整合、推動工作簡化及法規鬆綁、加強正向領導風格、建立公平透明的人事人員升遷制度、建立人事人員經歷管理制度及整合人事資訊系統。 二、對服務機關之建議:尊重人事專業及強化人事人員的歸屬感。 三、對人事人員之建議:認知角色功能、強化專業核心能力、重視休閒生活及適時運用員工協助方案。 四、對後續研究的建議:在研究架構方面,除角色壓力、個人屬性及組織特性外,可針對其他可能影響工作滿足或組織承諾的變項加入探討,讓研究結果更加完整;在研究工具方面,可兼採不同型式量表,以增加可信度;在研究對象方面,可針對不同類別的人事人員或重大變革前後同一類別的人事人員,進行相關工作態度之研究,以比較其差異性。
This study is primarily intended to probe into the update of personnel staff’s role stress, job satisfaction and organizational commitment, as well as the relationship among them, taking the Central Administrative Authorities for instance. To accomplish the goal, other than the effort to look into the literature concerned, the study worked out questionnaire and in-depth interview as the methodologies so as to acquire the hands-on information and data to verify the hypothesis of the study and interpret the results of the questionnaire survey. This study took a total of 1,669 people as the personnel staffs of the Central Administrative Authorities under the Executive Yuan as the targets. By means of sampling at random, a total of 600 questionnaire copies were sent out of which, a total of 397 copies were successfully collected, 66.17% in effective collection rate, ±4.3% in sampling tolerance. The information and data so obtained were analyzed by SPSS 12.0 statistics. The results indicate: 1. The personnel staffs show moderately high role stress, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. In terms of the role stress, they showed role overload of quantity and greater pressure in role conflict. In job satisfaction, they showed higher satisfaction with the working environment and the job itself. In organizational commitment, they were in higher organizational commitment toward the agencies serviced than toward personnel administration agencies. 2. In terms of the personal attributes, the personnel as female, unmarried, lower educational background, younger, junior in service seniority and lower ranks perceived greater role stress. Those personnel as male, married, more elderly, more senior in service seniority, higher rank and higher position perceived higher job satisfaction. The personnel as male, married showed higher organizational commitment to the personnel administration agencies, while the personnel as male, married, more elderly, more senior in service seniority and higher rank showed higher organizational commitment to the agencies serviced. As to organizational characteristics, except the scale of the agencies and the agencies under the jurisdiction which demonstrated significant influence upon the overall role stress, qualitative and quantitative role overload, payroll and fringe benefits. The levels of the agencies showed significant influence upon the working environments, promotion and performance rating. All others showed insignificant interrelationship. 3. The greater the role stress in personnel staffs, the lower the job satisfaction, the lower organizational commitment to the personnel administration agencies and the agencies serviced as well. The higher the job satisfaction, the higher organizational commitment to the personnel administration agencies and the agencies serviced. The job satisfaction functions as the intermediate between the role stress and organizational commitment. 4. Among the personal attributes, role stress and job satisfaction, the role ambiguity, qualitative role overload, promotion, performance rating, the jobs themselves, payroll, fringe benefits showed the highest forecast power upon the organizational commitment to the personnel administration agencies. The facts of marriage, official ranks, role ambiguity, role conflict, working environments, jobs themselves, payroll and fringe benefits showed the highest forecast power upon the organizational commitment to the agencies serviced. At last, the results would like to offer proposals toward the central personnel management authorities, agencies serviced, personnel staffs and subsequent researchers as follows: 1. Proposals offered to the central personnel management authorities: Reform the centralized personnel system, update the personnel management Act,reassess the duration of the rotation of the personnel executives, assure that the personnel policies should be feasible, integrate the strategic human resources management measures, streamline human resources related tasks, deregulate the unnecessary controls, strengthen positive leadership, set up fair and see-through promotion systems for the personnel staffs , set up managerial systems for professional records of personnel staffs and integrate the information systems for personnel. 2. Proposals offered to the agencies serviced: Respect professionalism on personnel and reinforce satisfaction of belonging of personnel staffs. 3. Proposals offered to the personnel staffs: Identify the functions of roles, strengthen core competence, attach extreme importance to leisure time lifestyle and make timely use of employee support. 4. Proposals offered to the subsequent researchers: In terms of the study frameworks, other than role stress, personal attributes, and organizational characteristics, it should probe into variables which might affect job satisfaction or organizational commitment to make possible more complete and comprehensive results of the study. In terms of the tools of study, it could concurrently employ rating scales of different categories to enhance the trustworthiness. In terms of the objects of study, it is advisable to proceed with study on the working attitude concerned aiming at personnel staffs of different categories or personnel staffs of the same category before and after a reform so as to compare with the variation.
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