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Title: 官派鄉(鎮、市)長核心能力之研究─以臺北縣鶯歌鎮為例
The Study on the Core Competence of Appointed Leader for City(Town, Village) : An Example of Yingge, Taipei County, Taiwan
Authors: 紀俊臣
Chi, Chun-Chen
Mao, Chia-Chi
Keywords: 官派鄉(鎮
Core Competence of Appointed Leader
Administrative Efficiency
Local Government
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 1996年12月28日國家發展會議「憲政體制與政黨政治」議題,朝野四項共識,第二項:「取消鄉鎮市級之自治選舉,鄉鎮市長改為依法派任。」此項議題遂成為地方制度改革的重心之一。 因此,透過制度改革將鄉鎮市長改為依法派任;亦即所謂官派鄉鎮市長,不失為政府再造、行政革新之良策,然而對於鄉鎮市長究須何種資格?以及具備哪些能力? 近年來「能力模式」( competency model ) 或「核心能力」( core competency)逐漸在臺灣受到重視,換言之,透過「人、工作及環境契合」,係在於組織希望獲得持續競爭優勢,而競爭優勢的基礎則是在核心能力的建立。作者係以擔任公職(鶯歌鎮代理鎮長)之特別經驗,對於未來要應付地方自治更多的挑戰,政府機關的公務人員也必須建立一套自我的核心能力體系,官派鄉鎮市長建立培養這些核心能力的體系,以提昇國家行政效率,增加國家競爭力。
Recently, the purpose about "reinventing government" have a lot of discussion in political science. This study emphasis to the issue is change local government system. On December 28, 1996 "National Development Conference " one of the constitution is cancel township level of the autonomous election, to assign City(Town, Village) Mayor legally by government.This topic then become more important one of the local goverment system and also reforms gravity of center. Therefore, if assign City(Town, Village) Mayor legally by government, it does not lose for the government makes, brilliant plan of again the administrative innovation, however,what is qualification of investigates regarding to the mayor? As well as which abilities has? In recent years "competency model" or "core competency" gradually received in Taiwan takes, In other words, the penetration "the person, the job and the environment conjunction", are lies in the organization hope to obtain and continues the competitive advantage, but the competitive advantage foundation is in the core competency establishment. The author is holds by the post of the public service (Yingge town agent mayor) specially to experience, we will have to deal with the local government more challenges regarding the future, governmental agency's government workers also must establish a set of self- core competency system. Assignment City(Town, Village) Mayor establishes raises these core competency the system, promotes the country administrative efficiency, the increase country competition.
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