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Title: 校園學生意外事件危機管理之研究-以醒吾技術學院為例
Authors: 紀俊臣
Liu Fu-Hsuan
Keywords: 危機
Crisis Management
Campus Student Accident
Campus Crisis Management
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 由於社會環境急遽變遷的衝擊,學校環境已大幅改變,外侵因素逐漸增多,校園危機事件的發生率也隨之增高,造成當事者及其家人、校方,乃至社會莫大的衝擊和傷害。學校若能做好危機管理工作,便能有效降低校園學生意外事件發生,維護學生安全,有助於維持學校組織的運作與發展。 本研究以大專校院中之醒吾技術學院為例,探討校園學生意外事件危機態樣、校園危機管理策略與作為,以及校園危機管理工作所面臨之困難及其改善途徑,並根據研究結果提出建議,作為教育行政機關、大專校院,以及後續研究之參考。 為達研究目的,以文獻探討、個案研究和深度訪談等作為研究方法。透過文獻探討以瞭解國內外校園危機管理之相關研究;個案研究以實際發生之學生意外事件案例,分析危機發生原因、處理過程,以瞭解和檢討校園危機管理機制之實際運作情形;深度訪談則以醒吾技術學院之行政主管、班級導師及軍訓教官等校園危機管理工作實際執行者,以及教育部主管校園危機管理業務行政人員與學者專家等10位為對象,以自編之訪談大綱為研究工具,彙整訪談及相關實證資料加以解析,以作為分析討論與結論建議的依據。研究獲致結論如下: 一、整體而言,校園學生意外事件之發生,以人為因素為主要原因。 二、最常發生的校園學生意外事件為交通意外事故;又以騎乘機車所發生之事故為最多。 三、制定完善有效之校園危機管理計畫,才能落實校園危機管理運作。 四、建立良好之溝通機制,慎選校園危機對外發言人,以強化校園危機管理正面功能。 五、積極推動危機管理教育,以提升校園危機管理知能。 關鍵詞:危機、危機管理、校園學生意外事件、校園危機管理。
Schools have changed a lot owing to the impact of rapid vicissitude of our society. As out-campus invasions increasing gradually, the rate of campus crisis also advance along with it. These events hurt and pound at deeply not only the victim and their family but also the school authorities and the whole nation. If the risk management on campus can be improved, we are able to reduce the accidental loss on campus which is also benefit for operating and developing a school. By taking Hsin-Wu College as the research target, we identify the risk exposures on campus; study the management techniques and strategies on campus safety, and point out the difficulties in implementing risk management on campus. According to our result, for both government and universities, we make suggestions in how to improve campus safety and refer to further study. The methodology in this article is literature review, case study and depth interview. Through literature review, we examine the related research all over the world. Case study, on the other hand, we analyze the reason and operating process of real campus accidents to understand the practical situation in implementing the risk management program on campus. In depth interview, among supervisors, class and grade teachers, military training officers in Hsin-Wu College and officers in charge of campus safety in the Ministry of Education, we choose 10 experts and scholars as our interviewers. By applying self-develop interview outlines, we have the following results: 1.Generally speaking, human is the main factor for the accidents happened in school. 2.The most often accidents happened in campus are traffic accidents; especially in riding a motorbike. 3.Selecting and implementing the appropriate risk management techniques on campus. 4.Constructing well-develop communication system and choosing speaker carefully so as to improve the risk management program on campus. 5. Grounding risk management in education to meet the need in improving campus safety. Key word: crisis, crisis management, campus student accident, campus crisis management.
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