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Title: 原住民族基本權益之探討──以原住民基本法為例
Authors: 紀俊臣
Keywords: 原住民族
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 摘 要 台灣原住民族四百年來不斷的追求其族群基本權益,希望能得到當政者能承認,或給予更多自主與自治的權利,且不再受其他族群的強制支配,而今原住民族更是要求以自決與自治的精神來參與相關決策,加上近年來政府已調整過去父權式思維,並以民族之間的尊重與平等原則,建立國家與原住民族之新關係,以夥伴關係代替管理,擁有更多的自主權。原住民族與國家間不再只是下對上的服從關係,而是呈現對等、合作的新夥伴關係,開啟了原住民族歷史的新局。 1994年7 月,憲法增修條文增加「國家對於自由地區原住民之地位及政治參與,應予保障;對其教育文化、社會福利及經濟事業,應予扶助並促其發展。」的規定,對原住民族之權益有更具體之保障。根據該憲法增修條文規制之精神,為保障原住民族基本權利,促進原住民族生存發展,建立共存共榮之族群關係。 立法院於2005 年1 月,完成制定「原住民族基本法」,使政府依原住民族意願,保障原住民族之權益、平等地位及自主發展,實行原住民族自治。 本研究針對我國原住民族基本權益,所要探討與研究內容如下: 一、原住民族基本權的理論基礎與發展。 二、制定適當法律制度及訂定合適的原住民族政策。 三、檢視原住民族基本法之內容與施行成效。 希望能透過對上述議題之研究,找出具體之問題與建議,供原住民族行政機關、學術單位及各界之參考。
Abstract Taiwanese indigenous peoples 400 years pursue its ethnicity basic rights continuously, hoping to get a government can admit, or give the right of[with] more independence and autonomy, and no longer be subjected to the compulsive domination of other ethnicities, Now then aborigine's clan is also request with self-determine with autonomy of spirit to participate related decision, plus in recent years a government already adjust past the father power type thinking, and with respect and equal principle of of race, build up the new relation of nation and indigenous peoples, Relate to replace a management by partner, own more independent powers. indigenous peoples and national no longer just descend to top of obey relation, but present reciprocal, cooperation of the new partner relate to, opening an aborigine a clan new history 。 In July,1994, the constitution increases to fix "the nation participates to position and politics of free region indigenous, should to guarantee; to its education culture, social welfare and economy business, should to help also the Cu its development." of the ruling increment of provision, to the rights of aborigine's clan have more concretely it guarantees. Increase spirit of fixing the ruling rules and regulations according to that constitution, in order to guarantee the basic right of indigenous peoples, promote the aborigine's clan existence develop, establishment coexistence the ethnicity relation of total glory. The Legislative Yuan completes establishment" indigenous peoples fundamental law" in January,2005, making the government depend on a indigenous peoples will, guaranteeing rights, equal position and independence development of a indigenous peoples, practicing indigenous peoples autonomy. This research aims at my country basic rights of indigenous peoples, want to inquire into with research content as follows: 1, theories foundation and development of indigenous peoples basic power. 2, draw up appropriate law system and establish suitable indigenous peoples policy. 3, examine an aborigine the content of the clan fundamental law and implement result. Hope through to the research of above-mentioned subject, find out concretely it problem and suggestion, provide indigenous peoples administration organization, academic unit and the public of reference
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