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Title: 檢視臺灣民主深化:亞洲動態調查資料之分析(2000-2015)
Assessing Taiwan's Democratic Deepening: An Analysis Based on the Data of Asian Barometer Survey (2000-2015)
Authors: 陳文政
Chen, Wen-Cheng
Feng, Ching-Chieh
Keywords: 臺灣
Democratic Deepening
Asian Barometer Survey
Assessment of Democratic Deepening
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 進入21世紀以後,政治學術界已有越來越多的學者開始專注在民主深化這一研究區塊,以及如何改善民主治理的品質。並且將民主視為政治系統裡所製造的主要產品,再分別從程序、內容與結果三個面向加以評估以窺探民主深化之面貌。 根據「亞洲動態調查」的數據顯示,臺灣的公民僅在競爭與自由的項目上給予相對正面的評價。這也代表著臺灣的政治離高品質的民主仍有一段很長的路要走,主要乃是缺乏許多民主的特質與條件,如控制貪腐、監督和法治。 本文從政治世代、經濟評估以及民主信仰這三個因素,檢視其是否影響臺灣民主深化之評價,而基本假設為:新世代相對於老一輩而言對民主深化的評估更加嚴苛;民眾對於經濟表現的評價越高,對民主深化的評價也越高;民眾對於民主政治價值的信仰越強烈,他們在評估政治體系的特徵時也會越嚴格。 通過亞洲動態調查實證資料統計分析,本文發現政治世代、經濟表現之評估以及民主信仰確實有影響效果。臺灣新世代對於民主深化的評價亦更具批判眼光;同樣的,對民主價值抱持理想與追求的民眾也容易對社會現狀感到不滿因而更具批判性之態度;相反地,對經濟表現評價較好的民眾,因其物質條件的滿足而較傾向於對民主政治持寬容與滿意態度。 關鍵字:臺灣、民主深化、亞洲動態調查、民主深化測量
ABSTRACT In the 21st century, there are more and more researchers looking for how to assess and improve the deepening of democracy. People study the quality of democracy view democracy as the main products of political system. The procedure, content, and outcome are the criteria for measuring what a good democracy is. As far as Taiwan is concerned, the “Asian Barometer Survey” data show that it still has a long way to go in term of the high quality of their democracy. Taiwan still lacks many of the important characteristics of democracy, such as corruption control, supervision of government powers and the rule of law. By suing data of Asian Barometer Survey in Taiwan in 2014, this thesis reveals that political generation, economic evaluations, and democratic beliefs have real impact on the dimension of the deepening of democracy, including procedure, content and result. It finds that those who belong to new generation are critical on democratic deepening; people who embrace democratic values have more critical attitude because of their high expectation; and people who are satisfactory with economic performance have high evaluations on democracy. KEY WORDS: Taiwan, Democratic Deepening, Asian Barometer Survey, Assessment of Democratic Deepening
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