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Title: 中國影子銀行互聯網金融模式之研究
A study of Internet-Finance mode in China’s shadow bank
Authors: 范世平
Fan, Shi-Ping
Yang, Meng-Shan
Keywords: 中國影子銀行
China's shadow bank
internet finance
political economic
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 2013年以來,中國影子銀行中的互聯網金融不斷的擴張與創新,為中國的經濟發展帶來了正面效益,但背後也隱藏了許多的風險和危機,中國政府要如何在鼓勵金融創新同時又能避免為經濟社會帶來不利的影響。中國政府近年來開始對互聯網金融提出監管,但政府與企業對於其利益有所不同,這都影響了政策的制定與中國社會秩序與經濟的發展。互聯網金融模式未來的走向對中國的政治經濟發展有影響,在加強金融監管體制改革以及穩定利率場化進程中找平衡。 本文藉由文獻分析與內容分析,結合書籍與期刊的觀點,同時也參考網路新聞專家學者的意見,探討互聯網金融在中國特殊經濟結構下的發展與特色,以及與美國互聯網金融的不同,藉此了解互聯網金融為一個網路金融創新對傳統金融的影響以及在中國的政治經濟扮演之角色。
With continuously growth and innovation, China Internet finance, it injects vitality into Chinese economic growth but also takes negative values since 2013. How could China government encourages financial innovation while avoiding the bad influence of socio-economic development. The China government submits the regulation to Internet finance, however, there are conflicts between government and business’ interests. The conflicts make the policy-making and corruption problems in terms of China’s social and economic development. Effective reform seems to reform the whole finance structure. The future of Internet finance made impacts China’s political economic significantly, thus China government should balance the marketization of interest rate and deepen financial reformation. This article combines the view of some papers and magazines, also the opinion from some experts on TV and on the Internet. This paper aims to analyses how Internet finance made develop within China’s special economic structures, and compare the different between development and characteristic of China and USA’s Internet finance, in order yo understand how the Internet finance influences the traditional finance and know its role of political economic in China.
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