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Title: 澳門「反離保行動」發展與影響之研究:以政治機會結構理論分析
A Study of development and effect of “Protests against the welfare package” in Macao with the theory of political opportunity structure
Authors: 曲兆祥
Chu, Paul Chao-Hsiang
Chong, In-Man
Keywords: 澳門政治
Macao politics
Macao democracy
Macao legislative council
Macao social movement
Protests against the welfare package
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本文主要從政治機會結構理論分析澳門「反離保行動」,以政治結構的崩解和政治機會的出現,來解釋澳門在經濟高速發展下的時空背景下,會出現如此規模的公民運動的原因,以及此行動對澳門特區政府的治理以及澳門民主發展所造成的影響。 透過檢視傳統社團與商人在澳門回歸後的勢力消長、離保法的內容、離保法的推動過程中社會各界的反應、反離保團體的運動策略,即可理解「反離保行動」取得成功的原因。 政治機會結構理論主要認為社會運動的發生與統治聯盟的分裂高度相關。然而,本文在此指出「反離保行動」的發生,是由於建制陣營在離保法案制訂過程中行動不一致,提供了讓反離保行動者進行運動的一個有利的環境,間接促使了行動的成功。由於本文所要研究的是「反離保行動」,是自澳門市民1989年天安門事件聲援民運人士後、也是澳門自回歸以來的最大型且規模最大的遊行活動,因此本研究的對象為重要事件,或許可以為日後意欲研究澳門社會運動或民主發展進程中的一個可供參考的案例,也可為學術界對於研究澳門的工作盡一點棉力。
The article is mainly analysis “Protests against the welfare package” in Macao with the theory of political opportunity structure. Explanation for the reason why such a protests start in the rapid economic development background, the affect to the governance of Macao Special Administrative Region and the democratic development process with the disruption of political structure and the appearance of political opportunity. We can understand the reason why the protests can have a success result through viewing the growing and losing to the power of traditional community and businessman from Macao sovereignty return to China Mainland, the article of the welfare package bill, the reaction in Macao society during the process to the welfare package bill promotion, protestsing strategy of groups against the welfare package. The theory of political opportunity structure is mainly suggest that appearance of social movement is highly related to the division of governance alliance. However, the article point to the happen of “Protests against the Welfare Package” is the inconsistent action in former factions during making the bill, providing a better environment to the mover,and indirectly make the protests to success. For the object of the study is “Protests against the Welfare Package”, this is the largest social movement since 1989 support Tiananmen Square incident and Macao sovereignty return to China Mainland, this important event can provide a reference example to those who is interested in study the social movement and democratic development process in Macao and make some jobs to the academia.
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