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Title: 台灣水利組織事權與經營管理一元化可行性之研究
Authors: 黃人傑
Lay Her-Ming
Keywords: 水利事業
組   織
water industries/undertaking
water resources
water-related agencies
water-related affairs unification
water-related affairs diversification
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 政府於民國八十七年元月正式通過政府再造綱領,作為跨世紀政府體制改造的行動準則,對於我國目前事權分散的水利機關組織體系,有待配合政府再造之推動,建立一個上自中央,下至地方執行一元化經營管理的體制。本論文探討主要目的如下: 1、研究整合台灣水利事權重新統合的必要性。 2、對日益缺乏之水資源開發問題,提出有效對策。 3、對於水利事業經營管理及督導應訂績效管理。 4、應對預算制度、組織、人力、法規針對現況適時提出建議修正。 本研究發現: 1、水利組織規劃應順應潮流水、土、林不分家。 2、建立永續經營理念兼顧開發管理。 3、公權力不張,人民守法精神待加強。 4、用水管理制度不完備。 在政策上建議: 1、河川管理應以水系和區域性的整體性考量。 2、環境資源部或水利總署下應配置水利警察局或大隊。 3、水利防災體系和研究單位應儘速的設立。
The Government Reorganization Guidelines, issued in January 1998, has been regarding as the guiding principles for the reorganization of government systems. For the diverse governance of water-related agencies, it is required to establish a unified system of water-related affairs management from central throughout local governments in accordance with the promotion of the Guidelines. Thus, the purposes of the present study are: 1. To investigate the necessity of merger and formation of water-related agencies; 2. To propose the strategies to the problems of limited water resources development; 3. To propose a system to make more efficient management and supervision of water industries; 4. To make appropriate suggestions to the amendment or modification for the water-related budget systems, organizations, manpower, laws and regulations; Based on the above purposes, this paper made a careful analysis and proposed the following results: 1. The reorganized water agencies should be capable of dealing with the affairs of water, land, and forests. 2. Sustainable management and development should receive equal concerns. 3. The enforcement of the water laws should be complete and the people are expected to be more law-abiding. 4. The systems of water utilization management should be more integrated. Besides, the suggestions to the policy include: 1. River management should be considered by the whole of river systems and regions. 2. The Water Police Bureau should be organized under the Ministry of Environmental Resources or the Water Resource Administration. 3. The systems and research units of water disaster mitigation should be established as soon as possible.
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