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Title: 我國老人福利之法制建構與政策執行之研究
The Study on the Establishment of Legal System and Policy Implementation for Elderly Welfare in Taiwan
Authors: 陳文政
Wen-cheng Chen Ph.D.
Yen-lin Wu
Keywords: 出生率
birth rate
crude birth rate
crude mortality rate
life expectancy
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 論文摘要 根據內政部統計我國自民國八十二年(1993)已達聯合國世界衛生組織所訂的高齡化社會指標,目前臺灣地區的老年人口至九十四年六月已增加到2,180,230人,占總人口的9.60%。從以上的資料顯示,高齡化社會之快速變遷,引發的老人需求與問題,已成為政府與民間注重的焦點。因此,本文旨在探求我國對老人福利的法制建構與政策執行之績效,針對目前我國推動「老人福利政策」及其執行情形進行評估,分析政策是否有助於提升我國老人生活品質與生活保障程度,以及我國老人福利政策制定之轉變,討論政策制訂的轉變對於追求社會福利的影響。 本文的論述重點分為四部分:老人福利內涵及老人相關理論、我國老人福利之法制建構、我國老人福利政策之執行以及我國現行老人福利政策實施之研討,同時對於我國老人福利主管機關的行政組織分析架構,則以米特(D.S.Van Meter)和洪恩(Carl E.Van Horn)的政策執行模式來分析機構特質、執行人員的特徵與態度意向以及組織機構間的互動協調,當我們將此模式投射在老人福利服務工作上時,除了對老人福利工作的執行績效做討論外,同時財政經費,國家經費預算與補助之基礎、標準與規模,與老人福利政策之推行的關係,亦是我們期望探索的重點。 最後根據研究,分析出如何建立一套整體的老人福利行政體系,加強老人學研究與發展,結合社區資源及福利社區措施,以及如何運用社區服務與家庭倫理的發揚,給予老人有尊嚴的服務及生活安全的保障等,期能逐漸完備老人福利措施,同時先進福利國家日本、美國、英國、瑞典和德國等殷鑑未遠,有鑑於此,實有必要對於我國老人福利政策的規劃原則與實施的政策、設計模式,以及實施的績效做一統整的研究與評估,期使未來社會福利之釐訂及有限資源之配置,更趨合理並符合公義。
Abstract According to the statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the population of the old over 65 years old amounts to 2,180,230 persons in Taiwan by June of 1994. It takes on 9.6% of total population. The social index has reached at advanced age in World Health Organization of the United Nations. Based on the data materials, the elderly requirement and elderly problem resulting from the fast transition of aging society have become the focus of government. The thesis aims at exploring the achievements of the establishment of legal system and policy Implementation for elderly welfare in Taiwan. We assess the achievements of the present policy of elderly welfare and whether the policy contributes to improving elderly living quality and degree of living guarantee and the transition of elderly welfare policy. We also discuss the effect to society due to the transition of policy establishment. The main ideas of the thesis are divides into four parts:The connotation of elderly welfare and the theory related to the elderly, the establishment of legal system to the elderly welfare in Taiwan, policy Implementation for elderly welfare in Taiwan and the exploration to the present elderly welfare policy. Meanwhile, we project the D. S. Van Meter’s and Carl E. Van Horn’s model of policy implementation to the elderly welfare service to discuss the execution performance to the work of elderly welfare, the characteristic of the organization, the characteristic and attitude of the operational staff and the interaction and coordination between the organization. We also probe into the relationship between policy implementation and financial funds, national funds budget and foundation, standard and scale, At the same time, we can take the result of policy implementation from developed Welfare States, such as Japan, U.S.A., Britain, Sweden and Germany, etc, to design, evaluate and implement the elderly welfare policy of our country, It is also important to make future collation and stipulation for social welfare and limited disposition of resource to be more rational and accord with common justice. Finally, according to this research result, I analyze that how to set up the administrative system of a complete elderly welfare, how to strengthen the research and development of gerontology, how to combine community resources and welfare community's measure, how to use the community service to help the elderly to live in an easy life for old age and developing the family's ethics, offer the dignified guarantee with safe service, etc. We look forward to all county and municipal governments, public-spirited group , common private welfare organization, folk enterprises and people to pool our ideas and make concerted efforts to implement the strengthen the elderly welfare.
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