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dc.contributor紀俊臣 博士zh_TW
dc.contributorProf.&Ph.D. Chi, Chun-chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorKAO, WEN-CHIENen_US
dc.description.abstract論文摘要: 政黨在民主社會中已經是人們生活的一部份,政黨的目的與扮演的角色,不僅關係著人民的福祉也牽動著國家與政府的作為,現代國家要求的民主政治需要有符合民主條件的政黨共同協助完成。 一個政黨的民主化與否,必須從政黨內部的組織體系來分析。由政黨內部組織體系的建構與發展,檢視政黨是否民主;觀察政黨能否為政治體系的民主化有所裨益。 本文由探討影響政黨組織體系之建構的因素開始,經由制度研究途徑中描述—歸納歸納法、正式—法制研究途徑以及歷史—比較法,進行相關文獻分析以及個案深入研究。從文獻分析與政黨個案研究的過程,瞭解政黨發展與政治文化的相互關係,解釋台灣權威政治時期、民主政治時期與當前的政黨組織發展與體系。其次,透過對民進黨個案的深入研究,再次檢驗本文的論述。 另外,國家的法律制度也影響政黨的內部民主,德國的政黨法就是為確保政黨至少是推崇民主而設立。我國目前並無政黨法,如果能夠實施政黨法,是否有助於民主的發展,爰復能從法制的角度,探討我國政黨組織體系在政黨法實施後的建立與發展。 結論試圖從上述的研究內容統整分析,一個政黨組織體系的建構發展與政治文化或是政治制度之間的關連性與發展模式,提供未來政黨在進行組織體系的改革與建立時,做為參考的依據與預測。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAbstract: Parties play crucial roles in people’s political life and affect both people’s interests and governments’ operation in a democratic society. The democratic politics of a modern country rely on the reciprocity of the parties which comply with the democratic qualities. Whether a party qualifies the democratic system, depends on its inner organization.Through the party’s organization and development, we can exam if the party meets the democratic requirements and benefits the political democracy. This study begins with the factors that impact the foundation of a party, then by way of institutional approach which includes descriptive-inductive, formal-legal and historical-comparative to follow the analysis of the documentary records and case histories of parties. By these processes, it points out the interaction between the party’s development and the political culture. Also, it shows the party’s development from the authoritarianism to the democracy in Taiwan history. Subordinately, it’s testified by the case study of DPP. Furthermore, the law system somehow influences the democracy of the party in the country. German sets up a law to make sure the party’s establishment due to the esteem of the democracy. There is still no such a law in Taiwan. In assumption of having the party law effects the development of the party. In conclusion, this study provides all kinds of analysis and literatures to be the reference for the party to reform and organize in the future.en_US
dc.subjectparties organizationen_US
dc.subjectthe electoral and parliamentary origin of partiesen_US
dc.subjectextra-parliamentary origin of partiesen_US
dc.subjectpolitical cultureen_US
dc.subjectparty systemen_US
dc.titleThe Study on the Party System-building in Taiwanen_US
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